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July 28, 2009


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Oh, it angers me when people take advantage of vulnerable people.


I am impressed with the research and writing you have been putting forth on these scam artists. Thanks, OSM!


Oh for the love of, what is wrong with these people?

"Hey Jim who you figure we ought to try & rob money from?"
"Well Bob we could try the rich they've lots of it."
"Nah, they'd have more time & money to prosecute if we were caught."
"Ah well best be the sick & dying then, hopefully they'll either be dead or so infirm by the time they realize they won't come after us."

One Sick Mother

Thanks guys and ROFL at QS! I could so see that happening! Except instead of "Jim" and "Bob" it is probably "Mustafa" and "Kashif".


What's worse on their website is the testimonials, none of which relate to a specific disease. All of them tell us about relieved symptoms, but none explains what the symptoms are!!!
Thanks a million for this great list, heartly appreciated, and hope many will read it.


Hi, sadly paid the money to these evil people and trying to get it back now - I just don't understand how they are allowed to keep their websites up there? Can't they be taken off???


Jo, Did you pay by credit card, if so you should be ableto get it back. Can't this site be reported to the media or some other authority. Surely, there must be a way. Now I know I will spend some time and energy to find out what we can do.Thank s for this webpage and I'll be sure to spread the word around...nearly fell for the scam myself if it wasn't for this revelation.

One Sick Mother

To Jo and anyone else who was taken by these guys:

The easiest way to get your money back is to go through your credit card company. They will then lean on Gordon's to get your money.

You can also lodge a complaint online. New Zealand police have a "scamwatch" alert site, where you can report them. It is pretty straightforward to use (not like the US ones). This is the link.



LOL. That was funny. Are these people stupid or what. Almost fell for this, but something inside me said to look a bit further on the net to see if there have been any complaints.
For a REAL cure that has hundreds of years of history used in medicine (but now banned) look up 'Hemp Oil Rick Simpson'. This is something I discovered a few months ago, but haven't been able to try yet.

Thomas Laimo

Here my girlfriend has Retinitis pigmentosa meaning she is completely blind and having no cure we decided to try this for some kind of positive result. Waiting for this product to arrive and to find this, I hope these people burn in hell. I would love to meet up with one of these people and take their eyeballs out so they could go around the rest fo their lives feeling the pain that my girlfriend feels everyday knowing that she'll never see anybody's face or the sun set ever again.

Fred Miethke

As a sufferer of blepharitis is was anxious to try their product. As I have not received my order I have attempted to email them several times, but no reply. I am upset that I have lost my money, although the Credit Card company is trying to retrieve it, but even more upset that this Company has offered false hope.
I wish I had of researched the Company and found your site before ordering the product.

Don Mandaza

Thanks guys.I have a desperate medical situation and thought well,how come my doctor has not heard about this.So I was searching the existence of the company when I came across this.It is so sad that some people want to make money on other people's misfortunes.


I was scammed. No product and no replies to emails!!!

Nancy appleton

Has anyone been helped by this product?

One Sick Mother

I am surprised to see you (or anyone) recommend a product you have not actually tried.

Hemp oil? I hardly think so. I might investigate though and write a post about it.

Thanks for the idea.

I am sorry to hear about your girlfriend. My brother is now blind. He was a visual artist.

You are right. There should be a special place in hell for people who run scams like these.

I hope you get your money back. Please do lodge a complain with the NZ Scamwatch people (link farther up in the comments), the more complaints, they receive, the more they will have to listen.

I'm glad you dodged a bullet. Yes. Some people are pure Evil.

Of the 50+ products that have been listed above, I have heard zero (0) success stories.

Even if the product arrives (and most times it does not), I wouldn't recommend anyone actually take it.

These are not legitimate or tested treatments. They are snake oil. Not only that, often the ingredients listed are toxic (e.g. cinnabar = red mercury).

I'm sorry to crush hope, but that is the truth.



look at testimonials which this guy put on one of his website:

"Thank you for a very good treatment, Ive been using it for 68 days and my condition is 90% cleared, needles to say. I see in the news about the war in your country, I hope you are safe we need you and your treatment. Thank you. M USA Dec 28 08 "

It seems New Zealand was having the war in his country.What a rediculours lie!Shame on him.

One Sick Mother


The testimonials are identical on all of the Gordon's website that I have checked. That is why they use such general terms "Like improvement in my condition/disease" instead of the logical things a real person would say like (in the case of pigmeton) "my hair is growing back to its original colour".

Or maybe if they have Motor Neuron Disease and Troneton (HA!) actually worked: "I have regained function in my legs".

I bet I could find the original source of those testimonials if I looked hard enough -probably an acne product somewhere, but I can't be bothered to waste any more or my life on Gordon's Habitual Scamming Center.

...but in the meantime; let's all pray for those poor warring New Zealanders! -I had missed that bit. Thanks. You gave me a good laugh first thing in the morning.


One Sick Mother


Because I couldn't leave it alone: Here is the link to the original testimonials. Not acne: Psoriasis. I was close.
(no idea if this product is ligit, BTW)

I need to thank you. While searching for this, I found another 12 Gordon's scam sites that are new, or that I had missed.

One Sick Mother

LOL and the background story sounds very, very familiar!

I wonder if Dr Moady knows he is being plagiarized?

(OK I'll stop now)


I got my package of Phreneton today in the mail and alarm bells rang when I saw it was posted from Pakistan, not New Zealand! I should have done my due diligence before handing over my money but will try and get it back via the credit card company. Thanks for alerting me to the scam!

yeah, that's right

I emailed Gordon's Herbal Research to inquire as to how long a package takes to get to the USA from New Zealand - that was 2 weeks after I placed my order. In their defense, they DID get back to me saying it took about 3 weeks and to let them know if I didn't get it. Here is their exact answer:
Dear Sir/Madam

Thank you for your mail.

Orders normally take a maximum of 3 working weeks for delivery.

Please let us know immediately if you still havent received your order by
this time and we will be glad to be of help.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience and let us know if you
have any further questions

Yours Sincerely,

Gordons Herbal Customer Services


In the middle of the 3rd week waiting period, I discovered the OSM site and upon reading your posts and those of others I had my credit card payment canceled. Then exactly three weeks from the order date, I DID receive the package, and YES it was mailed from Pakistan, like the previous post states, not New Zealand. (I feel Gordon's email response should have informed me that the package was actually coming from Pakistan) After I got the package, I "Googled" Mak International (which is stamped on the mailer, with an address in Pakistan) and I came to the conclusion that it is an intermediary shipping company that Gordon's uses. Anyway, I DID open the mailer (which had on it a ton of identical stamps with this intense looking guy against a beautiful background), and the tiny box with the 90 day supply and an invoice inside... BUT I haven't opened the vacuum sealed bottle!
My bottle was labeled SEBETON which is what I ordered (for seborrhea keratosis). I thought about trying to find a chemist to analyze the product but I think I'll just mail it back. The weird thing is that the sort of ominous looking package sat in my PO Box, USPS didn't make me pick it up/sign for it at the window like they do with every little domestic package I get. But this one from Pakistan? No.

Go figure.


Well, I have Sedeton, for obdominal adhesions. And yes mine came from Pakistan, too. Which made me scared to death to open it. I too opened it, but not the vacuum sealed bottle... great... I hope I don't ahve to tell my husband we are going to have to cancel our Dis. card... UGH!


Dear OSM,

My wife has had alopecia universalis for several years now and we are always searching for possible cures, hence I came upon advertising for Olceton.

The general standard of English, particularly in the testimonials, made me suspicious, so I did some more research and came across your site.

Thankyou so much for pointing out these evil scumbag scammers.

The best bit of advice that can be given to people who suffer from such awful illnesses is to do your research thoroughly, then discuss it with your doctor or specialist. If they haven't heard of it or definitely don't recommend it, then forget it.



What about Grenical for premature grey hair?
It seems that Pigmenton, Grenical and Prenofax are 3 sites created by the same guy. I was doing some research, and since they looked suspicious to me (the 3 sites were very similar in content but they claimed to be from different countries: 1 from Norway and 2 from Australia) I started searching more...luckily I came across your site and that confirmed my initial suspicion.
Thanks for creating such a great site.

One Sick Mother


Thank you for your kind words. There are some people very dear to me who have alopecia, and it always makes me mad to see people like Gordons, (Healing pants, Towards Natural Health, Oslo Health Solutions, Botanical Sources, Solutions by Nature ...etc) preying on my friends to turn a fast buck.

That is sound advice. Also the old adage: "if somethign sound to good to be true, chances are it isn't true"

its so true! ;)


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