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July 28, 2009


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One Sick Mother


You are right. they are all "child" scams of these two mothers.

Grenical write-up

Prenofax isn't on my list, but it's these scammers, right?

if you look in the left-hand column of this site, there is a section called "Scams". All of the scams I hove found are listed there. There are usually five or six fake cures for each condition, and there is usually one or two "independent review" sites that will point you towards the scam products.

Or you can click on the category "Scam" and find everything I have written on the subject (a lot, unfortunately).


Lucia Simmons

My dad is 83 years old and has been in the hospital for a week and a half due to Cellulitis. HIS doctors have nothing to say to help my mom assist him. Please help me to understand if Luseton which is manufactured by Gordon's Herbal Reasearch Center is worth buying. I saw the purchase site but can no longer find it. Any advise? I am trying to help my Mom find something that helps prevent Cellulitis

One Sick Mother


I am sorry to hear about your father. However,
NOTHING from Gordon's Habitual Scamming Center is worth buying. I am sorry to crush hope here, but that is the reality. It won't help him and it may hurt.

If you really wanted to take delivery of that formula for Luseton, you could order the Gordon's products for any of the following conditions:

Grover's Disease
Peripheral Neuropathy
Bell's Palsy
Post polio syndrome

All of those products also report the exact same ingredients IN THE EXACT SAME QUANTITIES, which is totally contrary to either Ayurvedic or Unani practices that Gordon's purport to follow (although both are different).

Of course, you have no idea what you would actually GET in the tablets and if they are safe and free of contaminants like mercury or bacteria.You could be getting baking soda, which will probably do your dad no harm, but would be much cheaper and easier to source from the grocery store.

Bottom line: cellulitis is a bacterial infection.
If it were *my* father, I certainly wouldn't give him some some dodgy herbs from Pakistan, which were sourced on the Internet through a proven scam artist.

But maybe that's just me...

As for preventing cellulitis: I am no doctor, so I cannot advise. I imagine because it is a bacterial infection, commonsense rules of hygiene would apply: Things like rampant hand washing for all members of the family and washing everything that your dad came into contact with (including animals) would be a good first step, but talk to an expert.

Also adequate nutrition for both your parents will help them to fight/ward off infection. Talk to the medical staff at the hospital. I'm sure they can help you better than I can.

I wish you luck.

One Sick Mother


I guess people with lymphedema are more prone to cellulitis. I found this page, which seems to have some good commonsense tips on prevention.



Dear OSM, Thank you for yor website. Almost purchased for my boyfriend who has Atrial Fibrillation. Thought I should Google them before I spent the $89.00. God Bless, I found this website. Thak goodness there are still real human beings in the world

One Sick Mother


I'm glad I could save you some money. I hope your boyfriend finds someone or something to help him.


Nadia Lamas

Thanks for the great job! I was up to buy Melseton, 100% guaranteed against melasma... your site just stopped me.

Keith Cunningham

I was desperately looking for something to help my Narcolepsy, when I found Gordons site. I thought straight away that it was a scam. But bieng desperate I read through all the details. It mentioned a pdf of 18mb showing all the reserch that had been done, however there was no link to this. I then searched for Sepreton scam and came up with your great site. These people should be locked away and the keys thrown away.
Keith UK


Thanks for this post. I have recently ordered this product for my mom who suffers from peripheral neuropathy, hoping we could find something that could help her. The product has never arrived and my 2nd email has received a response today saying it must be lost and they are sending a new order immediately by international airmail and it is not trackable. This made me suspicious so I did another search on the company. After reading this post I have kindly asked them to refund my money.


OMG i just got scammed by these people... i wish i had of come across this site first so i knew of the scammer... This is ridiculous what he/they are doing to innocent people.. im usually not that gullible but this time i sure was.. They dont even have a cntact number.. How could i be so stupid???
The fact that they dealt with paypal kinda lead me to think they were legitimate.. Oh grrrr!!!!


Excellent research, thank you. I have reported this to one of their domain hosting companies, if anyone else has the time please do the same

Letitia Haseldine

I hope you rot in hell you evil bastard!!!! My partner has motor neurone diesese, and after seaching the web for alternative medicines and a little hope, he ordered the wonder pills, and now it has come to light that not only does this "company" prey on the desperate, they also charge for it. My only hope is karma will give it to them. Thanks for taking away what little hope we had to spend a little more preciuos time together. Until you are in this situation, you have no idea of the emotions you're dealing with. We were looking forward to trying these pills and deciding for ourselves, now he is crushed and I'm BLOODY angry. Seeing my man like this is bad enough as it is,let alone having evil pricks out there profitting from it. It makes me sick to my stomach!!! How you sleep at night is beyond me!

One Sick Mother

Good idea! Do you think it will help? I didn't think the domain company had any responsibility to monitor their customers' activities (unlike the company that processes the payments/refunds).

Um. I hope your comments were directed at Gordon's Habitual Scamming Centre and not at me. I am only the messenger.

I am really sorry for all you and your partner are going through. MND is one nasty bugger.


Marvin Ruth

This is the email I got back when I asked if the product would actually repair the lungs damaged by emphysema.

The main role of our remedy is to dry out the lungs to increase their usable
Please let us know if you have any questions.
Yours Sincerely,
Gordons Herbal Customer Services

Wouldn't that make the moucus so dry that it would actually hamper breathing?


Have just found this site and have had my hopes dashed, I have Atrial Fibrillation and Cardioversion has failed, Gordon's Health Research Centre offers cure as advertised on WEB MD site, why do WEB MD allow them to advertise on their very good imformative medical site? Back to searching for help, and advice gratefully received.
Diane. England

One Sick Mother

I'm afraid I don't know enough about the conditin to be able to state f this is true. However I wouldn't believe a single word I heard from anybody having anything to do with Gordon's habitual Scamming Center, so I naturally assume that they are wrong and you are right.

DAMN! You are absolutely right! I searched WebMD for Peyronie's disease (which is a big hit with the scammers)and I recognized the top three advertisements; Peyronies-options, Peyreton and Peyrotin -as scams which were outed here before. See the sidebar under "scams" for articles on SPAH, Gordon's and Berlin Homeo products.

I have a feeling WedMD don't vet their advertisers, leaving it all to Google, who doesn't know the difference.

Thanks for letting me know.


Thanks very much for pointing out this scam. I have suffered Chronic Epididymitis for 6 years and for the commenter asking if people are stupid I would say desperation for help is not stupidity. You get to the point where you willing to try anything to get your life back.

These scammers are the lowest bottom feeders I can imagine. I can’t even think of an insult that does them justice. I am not a violent/vindictive person but I wish the utmost pain on these vultures so that they can feel the what it’s like to be who they are taking advantage of.

Charles Wiggins

Definitely a scam, unfortunately one I fell for. Gordon's shows up on several medical condition 'referral' sites along with companies based in Australia and Denmark. All have strikingly similar formulas and testimonials. My guess is they are linked to the same group operating out of Pakistan.
The compound I received contained vermillion, i.e. mercury. When I questioned Gordon's about the levels and how inclusion of this met FDA and New Zealand standards (as their website seems to imply) I got a "oh don't worry" email response. When I asked them for specific information about the actual levels of mercury in the product they replied " it is under 1 part per 10 million". Parts per 10 million was not a part of any research measurement protocol I could find, these are usually stated as parts per million or parts per billion. When I asked them for copies of their research results I got no response nor have they responded to further emails.
Wish I had found OSM prior to ordering. I feel foolish but recognize that these outfits count on their victims staying silent. I'm following up with my credit card company but doubt I'll recover my money, chalking it up to the price of my education.

Julia Hooper

Thank you for preventing me from "making a mistake". I had emailed the company asking "how" lemeton worked and never got an answer...then tonight I came across your website when I googled 'Gordon's Herbal Research Center'. Thank you SO much for making the truth KNOWN. You save a LOT of grief for folks by doing this and I thank you immensely.


thanks i knew it sound to good to be true

Victoria Eglin

This simply amazes me. When someone has a chronic disease, a cure is simply a miracle they've been looking for since the disease was diagnosed. I have RP, and legitimate research is being done which looks very hopeful in finding a cure. But, many people are desperate for a quick fix, and will try anything they can find - sometimes paying whatever it costs out of that desperation. It is simply awful and immoral that companies like this exist to take advantage of those people. It's just as awful that sites like this are not removed from the internet. I was googling RP to read about the gene therapy research they have been testing, and Prigmeton was the first site on the hit list. I was curious so I looked at it. The vagueness of the explanation of how it "cures" the disease, and the awful testimonials clued me in on the fact that the product was likely a scam.

I commend you on your efforts in researching these companies and posting them to your site so people can be made aware that it truly is a scam. Everyone gets duped at least once, and they will not likely fall for too good to be true sites again. Always do a little research before buying - thank goodness for the internet!



Found your scam website today sooo disappointed to find that it's all crap. Got a responce to my email tonight telling me they'll send another bottle. Wrote back & told them I believed it was all a scam & that nothing had been posted/lost in the mail in the first place. In the process of trying to retireve money now, don't hold out much hope.

Charles Wiggins

If you order from Gordons Herbal Research Center, at least here in the States, you will find your credit card transaction processed by CCNow, which is located in Delaware, and claims to be an "authorized retailer" for Gordons.

Google 'CCNow' and you come across numerous fraud complaints for a whole range of products they represent. CCNow appears to be operating as a 'factor' for Gordons, enabling Gordons' scam. Complain to CCNow about your order and suddenly they start acting just like Gordons, entirely unresponsive. Add CCNow to your list of internet companies to stay away from.

Charles Wiggins

One Sick Mother


You are right. CCNow purports to have some legitimate customers, but at the same time, ALL of the scammers use CCNow to process their transactions, which raises a big red flag with me.

I believe CCNow is based out of Minnesota, not Maryland:

CCNow, Inc.
9625 W 76th Street
Eden Prairie, MN 55344

You can file a complaint against them by downloading the form from the link below, fill it out and sign it, then send it to the following address.

Office of Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson
1400 Bremer Tower
445 Minnesota Street
St. Paul, MN 55101
(651) 296-3353

here is the link


Charles Wiggins

Thanks for the address correction and link to Minnesota Attorney General's office.

I get the impression that CCNow is having it both ways, profiting from these scams but taking no responsibility for the products they claim to 'retail'. My credit card company is aware of the problem. CCNow dodges the issue by promising to resend the orders, which often never come, until people give up. Pakistan is a long way away. Trying to contact 'MAK International', the expeditor in Lahore is a surreal exercise in futility.

According to CCNow I received the product, which I don't dispute. My issue is with the product not being what it was represented to be. CCnow says that is Gordons problem contact them. Gordons doesn't respond. Catch 22.

My sense is that my card company is making money off this as well and reluctant to do much about it. The whole scam is legally crafted so everyone just points the finger at everyone else. Nice! Business as usual in Babylon.

Thanks for your help and maintaining OSM.


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