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July 28, 2009


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Hi guys, I deal with epp porphyria and I'm constantly trying to find a more natural and holistic approach to this curse. The drugs they give us for this can be extremely invasive with major side effects. I tried this joke for 6 months and if I could find this bastard I'd go off the Thorazine during an exacerbation and kill the ass hole.

Helen Jeffery

Many thanks. I have been diagnosed with Central Retinal Vein Occlusion and I was just about to order the 'cure' from Gordon's Herbal Research Centre.
Glad I found your site.



Thanks for your website and time you spent researching Gordon Research Centre.
I bought one of their products yesterday in the morning and few hours later I found OSM. I made my own research of sites listed by you to find you are absolutely right. Not sure if it is mentioned but even testimonials attached to different sites are exactly the same and listed in the same order!
Today I have managed to cancel my payment, but people in the bank told me to be very careful. CCNOW have details of my credit card and they can try to charge me again.


Dear, all

I have just been conned by

They said they are from Denmark but the pills came from Pakistan...I have paid $120 for this coloured round sugar balls....They have paid for advertisement to google for their website to stand out in a google search.

I have lipoma...really feeling sad for this evil..


There has just been a warning about this scam broadcast on NZ's National radio service.

It seems that the company is *not* an NZ company and is just trying to take advantage of this country's clean, green, honest reputation to hawk its products.

One Sick Mother


So they ran a denial story. Big deal. Are they doing anything proactive? Just saying that GHRC is not New Zealand's problem is not going to make them go away.

A TV show in Norway ran a very similar story in September (I think) regarding Oslo Health Solutions. "They are not really Norwegian. They are trading on our good reputation. Some of the ingredients may be harmful". But no-one took any real action. Oslo Health Solutions is still going strong.

Pretending the problem does not exist will not make it go away. In the meantime, most of the people who get scammed by GRHC will -rightly or wrongly- blame the New Zealand authorities to some extent through pure association.


Matt Knowles

My wife suffers from PKD and is due to get a transplant in two weeks. A friend who is a nutritionist sent me a link to Kidnofax. Being the skeptic I decided to do a bit of research. I came across this link: pdkhelp(dot)com that lists three supplements. So I started researching all three and the first thing I noticed was that all three web sites were registered through GoDaddy on the exact same day! The pkdhelp site was registered a short time later, also through GoDaddy.

There are so many red flags from just a cursory review of the Reneton web site. For instance, they have testimonials from all over the world going back to 2007, and yet the domain didn't exist until May 11, 2009.

Thank you for posting your information.

Raymond (UK)

Hi All,

I can only add that, although I did finally receive my 90 pills for Peyronies Disease, as you can well imagine, after 30 days there is no improvement (and I won't be surprised if there's none after the 90 days either. After having read this website, I revisited the original site for Peyronies Disease and then another for Keloide type scars - well, guess what, the wording is EXACTLY the same with the exception of the name of the product and the actual disease. Even the success rate was the same (it was "only" 92%!!!). As has been said here previously, I too hope that they burn in hell and hopefully, will be fined very very heavily!!!

If only I had read this website 1st!! I'll certainly know for next time!!!

Raymond (UK)

Just an interesting observation now. I did write to them to mention that I had not seen any improvement after having taken their product for 30 days and reminded them about their money back guarantee. The reply I received from them was:

Dear Sir/Madam

Refund issued.

Please confirm on your next card statement.

Yours Sincerely,

Gordons Herbal Customer Services

Well, maybe all's NOT lost although I now will wait to see whether any refund has been made or not and will post a suitable comment here for all as soon as there is some news.

Until then, a VERY HAPPY XMAS to all readers here!!!


Wow almost fell for it myself. Was just some bad grammar that made me suspicious :) and a search found this site

what's really bad is that Google allow them to do paid advertising (adwords) which gets them right up the top for searches on "conditions"
so that unsuspecting ppl fall for it and 'find' these places easily

bunch of a-holes!!!

Raymond (UK)

Certainly not in any way to "protect" these people, but I can confirm that I HAVE HAD A REFUND from them (see my comment here dated 30th of November) and it's currently showing on my credit card statement (I've not actually received it as yet but that will not be until the beginning of January as that's how my bank handles my account).

Does that mean that I'm just a "lucky one" or maybe they are in a Xmas spirit??

I will post here again at the start of the year to confirm (or deny) that I actually received a refund from them.

Once again, a VERY HAPPY XMAS to all readers!!


I guess we all want our lives back and are willing to try something that gives a 100%gaurantee and money back....I tried Hystmeton....I am an intelligent woman and am amazed I could be so stupid to be hood winked by this so called drug. Desperation makes us do stupid things I guess. I also have written them 4 times with no repsonse. I feel now we owe it to oursleves to do something about this company and i am surprised they are still on the internet, they are totally illegal... Alax


Thanks so much - I saw the ad, decided to google the "NZ" company straight away, suspecting the broken English, the reference to the war,the amazingly unknown effective herbal treatment for AF, etc, and found your interesting site!

Please don't use my email address for any other purpose than your validation of my comment :-)


yet again thank you to another website for informing the general public about scams like this
i suffer from rp and would give my left nut for a cure i ordered a credit card set up an email address to pay for it but researched it first because of intuition about there dodgy testimonials lucky i did saved me 110 dollars roughly australian and the embaracement these bastards wanna pray i never come across them they wont see tommorrow neither should any other scammer who tries this bs


Did anyone have problems with them taking more money from the credit cards


nothing to post


nothing to post


I wish I had come across this in the summer. Loking for a natural remedy for a large lipoma on my neck I ended up buying Lemeton. What a fool I was.
After three months of using it there has been no change at all.
Thanks for alerting us to this. What a bunch of b*st*rds these guys are.

Joseph Lieberfeund

I just received a bottle of flemeton. This is supposedly for Atrial Fibrilation. Got suspicious about the packaging and decided to do some research. Came across this brilliant website. One thing I can say is this: My package was posted from Pakistan, not New Zealand. I do not think the scam is being run out of New Zealand. It is being run out of Pakistan. New Zealand is a "front" to make the whole look more genuine. The city in Pakistan where my package was posetd from was Lahore. The return address was : MAK International, 2nd Floor, 33-Z, Commercial DHA, LCCHS, Lahore, Pakistan.


Thanks so much for your research. When I find anything that looks like it might be too good to be true, I look up the name plus "scam." That's how I found you.

Oh, and stay clear of Purity Products. Oddly, they have a good Better Business Bureau rating, but my mother is one of many they signed up--and charged--for more products than the one she ordered.


Thank you for this site...I was researching Creseton for treatment of bronchiectasis as my mother has been diagnosed with it. I guess I was naive to think this could be an option. I do hope there is a special place in hell for these people.


Thank you very much for this site. I was looking for some natural product for Bronchiectasis and I was ready to buy it when I decided to google on Gordon Herbal and I found your site.
You avoided a lot of problems.

Mel Woods

Glad I saw your sight almost bought polpeton have serious daily pain from post polio .fortunatly . the 89.95 would not change my life but if there product did as it says it would make a major difference .Thanks for your time and hard work


Pakistan authorities

Has anyone contacted them to look into Gordons Herbal as being a scam.

dotti strittmatter

I paid on Dec. 26 for LEmeton and it's the 6th of Jan. and I still don't have it. I'm close to contacting my credit card about this order.

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