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July 28, 2009


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Having been diagnosed with Poly Myalgia Rhuematica 18 months ago, and experiencing all of the associated ailments I was rapt to read the testimonials on GHRC and because it was a NEWZEALAND company, I was ready to contact them and pay by credit card straight away.Stop, think, how come I haven't heard of this before. Came across this website which stopped me in my tracks,I can understand why some of you have been scammed, I very nearly was.Question, why isn't the Australian government customs allowing this poison into the country particularly from a counry such as Pakistan, should send the bottle back full of plastic!!!


should read why is the Australian government allowing it in!!

angry niece

I was searching for a product for my Aunt who is 82 and suffers from really painful Peripheral neurapathy and hasn't slept a wink for days. We came ocross Gordons and my gosh it sounded convincing!! I was reading the story to my aunt who was so excited to think that we had just found some hope... she said "just buy some i need some relief".
Thank god I looked a little bit deeper to find your site. The pain of loosing hope in the end when she would have found out that the little pakistan package was never going to relive her of her pain would have been much worst than the sting of loosing $100 from her old age pension...
those guys are scum bags.


Oh am I annoyed at this. saw the Pakistan address and started to investigate more. I am such a sucker.

Carol McNeill

Hi There,
Well I read this site and sent and email with just one question...
Why does it seem like all testimonials were written by the same person? The phrasing is wrong, the grammar is wrong, the spelling is wrong. It smelled of a Nigerian scam to me and I asked them directly if that was the case. I told them we in Canada, Australia, USA, England don't use that type of phrasing..and to Please to me reply...or rather, pls reply! Of course I have not heard from them nor do I expect to.
No one should ever take the word of motto: Trust but verify. Thanks goodness I did.
Cheerio from Canada...Carol

Carol McNeill

sorry - above posted in a rush...should have reviewed my spelling :-)

I reviewed HYSMETON GHRC's website...and smelled a scam. I sent them an indicated above but 'm sure I won't hear back. If I do, I'll let you know.

Carol from Canada


I mailed them today about their guaranteed refund and received a full refund to my paypal account.

Initially their response was that most patients see progress after a second course (which they would send for free). I said that I simply wanted to know how to go about claiming my money back.

I was very polite in my correspondance and did not pretent to accuse them of a scam and without question the money was refunded.

Frank Clifford

Thanks for this site! You saved me $89US before I opened the bottle. I contacted the US marketing company, was very polite, gave an innocuous reason for the refund, and a credit to my card was arranged. I will receive return mail instructions from Gordon.

BTW, the bottle was shipped from Lahore, Pakistan, where I assume, the contents were made.

Falls Church, Virginia, USA


I was ready to order the trendeton, because I suffer with Hidradenitis Suppurativa, As I read about it I thought this is the miracle I've been looking for. I got all the way to the last page of my order and just before I put my credit card info in, something told me to check a little further and I found this site. Thank you so much for the infomation and making people aware. I have no insurance, so it is hard enough paying a doctor every to weeks to treat you. Even worst paying 89.00 dollars to a scam artist. So thank you and if anyone knows of anything to help with this diease, please post me a link or give me some info. I pray these people need the same help that we all are looking for and I hope they get took by the same type of people they are...

Nick Lapara

Hello, I ordered Palmeton, it did not work. I would like a refund, please respond. Thanks

One Sick Mother


I'm not quite sure what you want me to do?

If you want your money back, get your money back. There are some tips for doing that in this post I wrote awhile ago.

Good luck.


Dear OSM youre doing a fine job - actually had my credit card out to order from these evil people as my wife suffers terribly from Lichen Planus and are willing to try anything! Just glad I found youre site just in time. Thankyou!!

Debby Smith

Ouch! I just found your site. I just received my bottle of Sebeton and was confused as to why it came from Pakistan? Most of the herbs did not sound familiar to me so I decided to research them. Boy was I surprised! If this stuff doesn't cure you it sure will kill you! I was so excited about the product I didn't do my homework. Shame on me, if nothing else it was a lesson learned.


I am another sucker who fell for the scam for Phenetron. Like others I opened the bag but not the bottle and am scared to take it. I thought I did my research!!! Has anyone actually taken them???

One Sick Mother


Do you mean Phenaton? Por Porphyria?

I do remembering hearing back from one porphyria patient who took one of the products (not sure if it was this one or one of the others) and it made the condition worse.

Looking at the ingredients for "phrenaton"
Wattle Bark 116.27 mg
Elephant Creeper 58.11 mg
Sweet Root 58.13 mg
Coral calcium 34.88 mg
Iron Compound 34.88 mg
Spanish chamomile 23.25 mg
Cloves 23.25 mg
Vermilion 23.25mg
Indian Bay-leaf 23.25 mg
Nutmeg 23.25 mg

There are probably more than one red flag, but the big one for me is Vermilion, which is another name for red mercury.

Mercury. The neurotoxin.

My advice to you is don't take Phrenaton or any product from Gordon's Habitual Scamming Center if you value your health. Return the product and get your money back. Or -better still- hand it in to the authorities for testing (and still get your money back).


One Sick Mother


I found the porphyria reference. It is a few pages up up on these comments, posted by "darkwraith" on November 12, 2009.



I have COPD Emphesema and had signed in to hysmeton. I found it curious that there was no pricing up front like most legit ptoducts. I am a bit of a skeptic when it comes to sure cures for anything that modern medicine has no cure for. I do take a combination of herbs that I have researched and buy at my local whole foods and am doing well enough that the pulmanologist said he does not know what I am doing but, it is working well. Thank you for your website. I was very tempted until I found this. Maybe Osama could try some of this crap and let us know if it works.

Billy Moretz

Dear T.L. (girlfriend w/ RP blindness)

U might consider trying EyeMax, a 33-ingredient legitimate supplement marketed by the Cambridge Eye Institute.

A N.C. ophthalmologist developed this formula and reported that some totally blind people recovered after several months treatment. The bilberry improves the blood circulation in the retina and zinc mobilizes the delivery of the Vitamin A. He also recommends dessicated thyroid extract for delivery purposes.

I give advice to patients on health supplements and have a destroyed macula in my right eye which prevents any detailed vision in that eye. I have been researching cures on internet and the MaxEye formula looks like one of the best I have seen. If it does not improve her eyes, it will improve her general health and help prevent cancer and probably other disabling diseases.

Stem cell research shows hope in mice but limited applications so far to human eyes. At some point she might want to consider participation in a test group, but normally they require around 20/400 to participate. Later on, I suspect that human treatment for R.P. will be standardized but at this point, don't pay large sums of money for stem cell treatment. Participation in a test group should be nearly free of cost.

I have learned Braille to protect my future and was able to touch type perfectly since I was 8 years old. Computer programs that transcribe human speech and read text messages should help some, but seeing with ur fingers is at best, far short of the real thing.

If we learn to regenerate or reconnect the optic nerve, then we might transplant the entire eyeball from a donor, and hook up the retina to the brain, but for right now, this is wistful thinking. Hope, through spiritual sources, religion and philosophy are feasible alternatives.

I suspect that you are probably the biggest blessing in her life and hope and pray that this will never change. Unfortunatey, my partner is not supportive when I have visual difficulties in everyday life. Please seek every means possible to increase her independence in movement, cooking and other activities. Storing everything in separate containers, possibly marked in raised letters, numbers or Braille can help tremendously. When u use something, please return it to its place, to prevent confusion. Imagine if u picked up the telephone receiver and it turned out to be the shower head instead! What the French call, the telephone of the bath. Blind people seem to love humour even about their unfortunate condition--like my blind friend who claims he has just developed a new rear-view mirror for blind people who drive.

Bless u and urs,
Billy Moretz


I would have considered the Creseton for Bronchieactisis, but fortunately, saw this website and thank you for saving my $. How sad there are people like this in the world.

Nick Lapara

I just received the pills I sent back to you, the package stated that the address was unkown, can you please shed some light on this.


One Sick Mother


I assumed you sent them to Gordons Habitual Scamming Center and not to me.  I recommend you contact CCNow and/or your credit card company.



Surely this should be illegal!

I am glad someone is keeping an eye on these things, I was just about to buy it but was a bit miffed by the fact that the condition was never mentioned by name just as disease. Struck me as funny considering hyperhidrosis isnt a disease. Glad I checked now :)

Thanks again.

Marv Reier

my 14 niece has wegeners disease, given 2-4 years to live, traditional medications not working, need help!!! do you have anything we can try...

One Sick Mother


I am so sorry for what your niece and family is going through.

Unfortunately, I dont know of anything that might help. My specialty is outing fakes, which is much easier for an individual to do than to validate the real thing.

Alice Johnson

Wish we had seen this scam site before I was desperate enough to fall for this herb, that was supposed to help Lichens Planus. I figured if the herbs didn't work I would be out the money but didn't realize they were a bunch of crooks who just wanted peoples money without giving anything in return. I suppose since it is supposed to be an overseas thing that the Better Business Bureau can't help.

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