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July 28, 2009


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Thank you so much. I almost fell for the scam as well to try a cure for my HS. It is 3 am at the moment and I can't sleep because of my pain so I was online looking desperately for a cure. I almost bought the Trendeton. Something told me to keep researching before giving my credit card details. So grateful I came across this site. So mad with myself for almost falling for their heartless scam. Thank you


Thank you so much for this info OSM. I came across your site when looking for further info on the so-called Narcolepsy cure/scam you have listed above.

I have linked to this page from the Narcolepsy support group at to warn my friends there of this scam.

I notice that you and your family are affected by health conditions too, and think you may be interested in the Daily Strength Support Groups. I have found them extremely helpful.


It has also occurred to me, as i have been reading the comments here, that the loss of money is not the only problem here, it really concerns me that many people here, and certainly many many more who have not seen OSMs warning here, have actually taken these pills. We actually don't know what is in them - that is a far greater concern to me, i would rather be scammed out of the money and not receive the pills than actually end up taking something that is potentially very dangerous to health.

One Sick Mother


I agree, The fact that the listed ingredients of some of these pills re toxic, and that some people have received them and taken them is most worrying to me. It would be one thing if these were harmless vitamins, but contents like mercury and strychnine really concern me.  

In my opinion this goes beyond buyer beware.  Buyers shouldnt have to protect themselves against poison, but unfortunately, that is the case here.



OSM do you know if there's anyone they can be reported to who can actually put them out of business? It would be a start if Google were able to refuse to list them, especially in their featured ads.

One Sick Mother

It seems to be a very grey area. I know a few people complained to the NZ government after reading about this here on OSM and so the following warning was issued.

I don't know if they think their responsibility ends here, or if their hands are tied. Either way, it's not enough, but -unlike the other 5 or 6 countries where other scams claim to be based: at least they tried to do something.



i have alopecia areata and was interested in the above site until i saw this, so cheers for that.

have you heard of Scmuel gonens treatment for alopecia and if it's a scam?


whoops i meant shmuel gonens hair treatment.

Arnold Gardiner

I have been caught before many years ago now I check every thing. so I sent a cheque which was sent back as the address for Gordons Herbal Research was a false one, no doubt cheques canbe traced, I am still going to lead them on to see if these people canbe caught, they are the lowest form of life, pigs,rats,leeches look good to these pathetic forms, they are not fit to be called human, maybe a sub species that will smell long before they are dead, if anyone knows them,put them out of their pathetic life to make an improvemnt to this sick world,, thanks for the great work.....


I have just written an email to the Pharmaceutical Security Institute asking if there is anything they can do to investigate this company and shut them down, and stop them advertising on the net. I have given them links to this blog and to the Medsafe report you have linked to OSM.

Medsafe is the health watchdog for NZ but unfortunately as the company is not based in NZ they are not directly responsible. However, they should have access to, and work with, organisations like the PSI i have written to, to get these scams stopped.


This is the email I sent to the PSI:

Dear Sirs

I am writing for your advice on how fake drugs sold over the internet, and the unscrupulous sellers, are dealt with.

One such company is Gordon's Herbal Research Center, which claims to operate in New Zealand, but is actually in Pakistan. They claim to sell 'cures' for many incurable diseases/disorders.

I came across this company as it was a 'featured' Google Ad selling a cure for Narcolepsy which i have. Fortunately i sought further information about the company, and came across this blog exposing this scam and the many other scams that this company operate.

There are many comments on this blog by people who have been 'taken in' by the scam prior to finding this blog. My concern is that, not only are people losing money, but they are buying products that will not help their condition, and may in fact be very dangerous to their health.

The blog writer recently posted this media release by Medsafe which warns of the scam. This also gives details of The Permanent Forum on International Pharmaceutical Crime (PFIPC) but i have been to their website and there is no way for the public to contact them.

The blog writer also exposes several other Health scams, which i have not had opportunity to read but you may be interested in.

And so my research led me to yourselves, I am hoping you will be able to enforce some restrictive action against this company.

What I, and surely millions of others worldwide, would like to know is how these companies can continue to operate, and how they can continue to advertise with Google and other search engines, when there is definite evidence that they are scams.

And this is their reply:

Thank you for your message. PSI would recommend you contact the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center.
The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is a medium through which you can report any cyber related violations.

Below is a link to their website, where you can find details about the organization, as well as instructions about filing a complaint and reporting a crime.

Therefore, if you feel you have been the victim of a cyber crime, please report the incident to IC3.

IC3’s website can be found here:

Thank you.

I am disappointed they haven't not taken the issue further themselves. There are several websites of organisations that claim to be involved in the regulation and enforcement related to fake/counterfeit drugs but i don't seem to be getting anywhere with them.

Unfortunately i don't know what good i could do by contacting the FBI as i don't live in the States, and i have not actually been scammed, but OSM i'm sure if you or some of your readers could pick this up from here, i would hope you could get further than i did with this.

Thank you for your raising awareness of this dreadful issue.

One Sick Mother


I laud you for trying, but I suspect you will hit the same roadblocks that I did (because I have complained to several parties): The FBI will probably refuse to take it because it is not based in the States. They will probably suggest you try someone else, who will suggest someone else, until around the fifth referral you get told to contact the very first people you contacted.  I don't want to dissuade you, but that was pretty much my experience. 

After that, you are looking at international organizations such as InterPol, and they are up to their eyeballs with things like human trafficking and kiddie porn, and you feel like you don't want to distract them from that, or if you do submit the complaint to them, it will be assigned such a low priority as to be useless. 

But who knows? Maybe between us we will find one person with the right clout who has one of these conditions, and will get angry enough to do something.



Damn.. This saddens me.. I thought this was a wholesome company and that there was a natural cure out there.. I was just about to order a bottle as well. Until I read this.. Dang, so what em I supposed to do? Who is there to trust anymore.. This sucks. Honestly please inform us with truthful alternatives.. I would really love that.. thanks..
A dude in need!!

One Sick Mother

Many people have asked me about truthful alternatives and I havent been able to find any online.  Online it is easy to spot fakes, but much harder to verify the real thing (which are much fewer and farther between, anyway -if indeed they exist).

The only suggestion I can come up with is for you to find a real Eastern medicine practitioner in your area; -preferably someone recommended by someone you know and trust, and go to see them.



Having more autoimmune trouble with Myasthenia Gravis lately, and was ready to try Greveton. I'm glad I checked further, sad to find it all a fraud, and angered at the emotional harm that folks can do to others. It shouldn't surprise me, but it always does.

Sarah Lockhart

Thanks, for the above/ i have chronic eyebags & apart from expensive surgery there is nothing out there so I did a search and found Gabeton for eyebags. I emailed them about before and after photos of patients as there were none on the site. They replied simply saying I would need 3 bottles to fix my problem. My question about photos was not addressed Of course anyone can put up fake before & after photos. Little bit of photoshop tweaking is all that is required. One of the ingredients was coral calcium which is a rubbish supplement. Story of the internet is to check, check and check again.


Eyebliss - look out for a product called eyebiss btw - I think this company has changed names a couple of times. I beleive their last product was PureLift a face cream (very nice) but does nothing. Once ordered you can never stop receiving it or being charged for it. Im suspicious as Eyebliss have the same before and after photos that were on the PureLift website which has now disappeared. If you type in purelift scam a list of lots of unhappy customers will come up.

terence emmerton

now i know it is a scam.i was concerned not getting my herbs after 5 weeks of waiting.only emails from them.guess i have lost my money.they sure are sick mothers.being in N.Z. i have no redress through dept. of fair trading


after i took 3 pills prigmeton i saw this website
it is amazing i don't know what i have to say for those animals evil peopel. thank's



As I haven't read ALL the posts, I have read enough to learn that the condition my girlfriend has (Lichen Planus) is "curable" by everyone but the legitimate...

What you've got here is a tremendous site. I just happened across it as I became skeptical of the Lichreton site. Thank you for all of your hard work to get the word out. This site is DEFINITELY worth noting as a wonderful watchdog tool for the unsuspecting among us...

So NOW I have to ask - Is there a recommended site or product you (although may not promote or advocate) may suggest as legitimate for this condition?

Again, thank you for your diligence.


I got scammed with Pigmeton! After trying the product it says you will get you money back after 30 days if no results! Well guess what?? No results!!

I wrote to them and they offered money back or replacement batch of 90 pills. I thought, what the heck it may work the second time after they said 40% of users get results after the second try ... blah, blah, blah.

After waiting for 4 weeks, no replacement pills. I then asked for a full refund. They emailed and said Refund Issued. That was the second time they did that and after a week of waiting, no refund. I guess I have been scammed. I am so angry. I am also worried these pills came from Pakistan and worried about the contents.

I felt like I was talking to a computer when corresponding with them. Their mail was so impersonal and didn't add up. They also have no contact phone number. That is warning sign no.1 folks! I have learnt my lesson.

There should be something we can do. This is wrong!!

Ton Veen

Like a couple of writers above, my Flemeton package was marked Pakistan; a friend in the postal field says that only means Pakistan is just an intermediary posting point. I emailed Gordon's Herbal Research about my concerns and today Paypal informed me that a refund was organised. I believe in the effectiveness of herbal treatments; herbs as opposed to many Western chemical treatments have a range of functions also buffer functions that support the main cure, eg a stomach soothing function etc. If Gordon's had provided an explanation that herb A did such & such, herb B that & so forth, I might have had more confidence. Nor does it matter to me if the herbs actually came from Pakistan. That area of the world has the Ayurvedic system of medical treatment, its diagnostic is incredibly sophistocated and yet to be acknowledged by the west for its sophistocation.


Got a new one in the post (unsolicited) from Pakistan with no customs declaration. Opened it up outside in case it blew up! Contained REPETON (whatever that is, but will google it).
Hey why from Pakistan and not from the land of the sheep!!! Are the laws in NZ not good enough to stop these scams??

One Sick Mother


The NZ address is a forwarding service -there is no physical presence in NZ so the government say its not our problem. 

Nice, eh?


Charley Hall

Wow! Just read a lot of stuff regarding these low-down scammers, and, man am I glad I did, because I almost ordered the Hysmeton product. But, before I thought I would do so, I read the list of ingredients of the product. I thought it odd that all eleven ingredients called for 43.47 mg! And, that bad ingredient, Cinnabar, was last on the list! I had decided to show all the information to my holistic doctor, but then decided again not to waste his or my time! God bless you & keep up the good work---

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