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July 10, 2009


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My daughter also has synaesthesia, which I didn't know until a few years ago. Apparently, she has had it since childhood and had assumed everyone was like her. I wish I had known then, because, apparently, it's very common in people with migraines and seizure disorders (even aside from auras and prodromes) and would have been a head's up. Hers is more usual than Joe's is, though. She sees color when she hears sounds.

Quirky Mom

Damn, that is fascinating!!!

One Sick Mother

You raise an interesting point. Many people think what they see is normal (because you can't see out of other people's eyes) I never asked Joe how he figured out that seeing emotion is unusual.

Wow! she has a cool form of it! Especially as she is so arty. Does she ever draw or paint what she hears? That would be a fascinating exercise.

I get freaky visual stuff behind my eyelids before/during a seizure and I often wish I could paint so I could replicate some of them.

Heh. I knew you would like that post.


I used to experience this when I was small also, the colours tended to be vaguely around peoples heads and were also like a colour chart of emotions (unrelated to sound too). It sounds odd but I used to really enjoy the colours when they happened - though I don't experience it any more. I think I grew out of it by the time I was about 6-7.

This is a really interesting article, and I don't think we ever really thought of it as Synesthesia. Thanks for sharing! :)


The Goldfish

I have synaesthesia in that I feel sound, but especially music, as different sensations in different parts of my body. Because music I'm really into has the most dramatic effect, I assumed that everyone experienced this. Until in my teens music started having a more dramatic physiological effect, so to speak, at which point I realised it might not be "normal".

I also conceive of time as a three-dimensional shape, but that's so difficult to explain to someone who doesn't share it. And a friend hears colours - he once said he can't azure blue because it's so screechy.

Tschaikovsky shared Yanub's daughter's version - apparently he was baffled when the orchestra didn't understand how to make the music slightly more purple...

One Sick Mother


I'm glad you found it interesting. I know one other person who had this as a child, but then outgrew it. I wonder if it ever comes back, maybe if you are sick or tired?


Wow! That is very cool. Have you read "born on a blue day" by Daniel Tammet? He has a similar thing with calendars that you do with time.

I didn't know about Tschaikovsky (LOL), but in reading about this there are quite a few talented people through time that have had it. I may do a post about that. Joe might like that.

Thanks for the input.

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