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July 30, 2009


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BLESS YOU for posting this site! I also have been waiting for a product for my father. I just requested a refund from a debit card,was told because item was shipped already ccnow will have to ask the manufacturer in Pakistan. Supposed to have a response in 3 days. Curious, does anyone ever receive a response and has anyone received a product? I would be too scared to use the product now, just wondering if anything is ever received.
Thank you!


I just wanted to thank you all for the information. My boyfriend was recently diagnosed with MG, and I was debating between "Melinofax" and "Garvical", when I stumbled upon this site. It's horrifying that someone is preying upon innocent people looking for a solution to a medical condition.

Deedee Marin

Are all of the following a scam: (Denmark), (New Zealand), (Australia), and (Italy)
is there a "real" natural cure/treatment for ganglion cysts?

Deedee Marin

Are all of the following a scam: (Denmark), (New Zealand), (Australia), and (Italy)
is there a "real" natural cure/treatment for ganglion cysts?

One Sick Mother


Yes. They are all scams. The only legitimate treatment for Ganglion cyst that I know (and I had one for 12 years: I know) is surgery.

My articles on the other products you mentioned.


hi guys,

I ordered trigical for my trigeminal neuralgia. I received the product yesterday and to my surprise as others have mentioned it was from pakistan, not denmark. My disease entails constant pain, and constant head aches so i am going to try the medication anyways.. it cant get much worse than this (yes there is the worry that the medication could do damage, but i have been suffering for 18months and i need hope that this affliction can be beaten)

I will report back to this forum on how it goes and if there is any improvement... and if i then will need to go down the "refunds" path.

if this is a SCAM, it makes me very sad..

thanks luke

sahara ammons

i am so sad my mom did not find relief from her achalasia and all they did was take her money, now i have to watch her waste away again. i am getting information about achalasia and he is a survivor of it, he is going to give me some information about the disease.

james sarfeh

has anyone tried trenical for gastroparesis?


dear luke,
it seems you are the only one who has received the medicine based on all the comments I read so far. I would be interested to know if it works since it claims only days will see it works otherwise money back guarantee.
best regards,

Laurie LaViolette

I received my Garcical today and am just going to donate it to a prescription take-back program the next time one comes around. At the time I ordered it, I had just been diagnosed and read up on all the problems Sjogrens causes. I got so freeked out that I jumped on the chance to find a remedy. In the time it took to receive it, I did my research and learned a lot about other ways to manage my symptoms. I don't see it as wasting or throwing away $80. I am viewing it as an investment into learning. So good-bye Garcical.

Laurie LaViolette

I oredered Garcical form my newly diagnosed Sjogrens Syndrome symptoms management. In the two weeks it took to arrive, I learned a lot more about it and am now going to donate it to the next prescription take-back program that takes place. I am viewing the $80 as an investment in learning how to manage my symptoms instead of grasping for a miracle. Had I not ordered the Garcical, I would not have done nearly as much research. Yes, it's a SCAM but sometimes mistakes become lessons!


Please don't order their Rhinical for Seborrehic keratosas, not only does it not work, but it will make you quite ill, with very bad stomach pains and bloating!

R Case

Thank you for this information. My peripheral nueropathy is bad enough that the doctors don't know how to treat it so I am getting a little desperate. Thanks to your research, I won't be throwing my money away!!


Thank you for this site. After being suspicious of the $80 charge for this herbal product, I did the research. Glad I didn't order. I have COPD and wonder if anyone has tried Dr. Christopher Lung & Bronchial capsules. I have been reading that the herb Mullein and Loblia in this product are helpful for emphysema.


Do not post my full name use first name regarding the 100 pills i received and paid with a debit card. I am afraid to take the pills which cost me $80.00

Sick of Scams

disregard the first posting with my full name on it. But keep the info.


One Sick Mother


If you want your money back, get your money back. There are some tips for doing that in this post I wrote awhile ago.

Good luck.



Thank you for this information, I almost fell for a gastroparesis "fix". So glad I didn't give them $85. I am desperate for my husband's condition and almost wished it to be a true site. Do you know of any sites that are true to their word about cures? I know I am fishing without bait here. Just hoping. Thanks


hi.what about if i did order pills and take them 2 days for it okay or they contain something bad


I nearly bought Tiversical for Tinea Versicolor and when I googled a review of it I not only found this site (phew!) but also this one:
which reviews "similar" products such as Cloreton, Tinnofax, etc. So i take it they are all scams too? Their websites have a similar look to them as well and the testimonials seemed a bit fishy. Thank you for confirming my suspicions!

One Sick Mother

I don't know which you took of the 65 remedies listed above.

If you have concerns, take the pills and the listed ingredients to your doctor or pharmacist. The ingredients are listed on the site, if not on the bottle.


One Sick Mother


The link you posted doesn't work, but I figure you mean the guys I wrote about in this piece.

Yes. It is a scam. They are all scams.

If you look on this site on the top left-hand column, there is a list of all the scam articles I have written in reverse chronological order (newest first). Tinea versicolor is a recurring theme among most of them.



We too lost $80. Bizarrely, this was the 2nd order to Solutions By Nature, and the first one actually did generate a product delivery.
We paid through paypal, and as we left it beyond 45 days to make a claim, there is nothing we can do

One Sick Mother


If you received no product, they cant keep your money. Take the matter up with your credit card company


Why do you have a 2nd order? Did you try the product and did it work?

Thelma Shadbolt

I am yet another who has fallen for something suspicious - The transaction went ahead smoothly and the pills arrived from Denmark. Ingredients are listed as: Ashwaganda, Lilacea, Gum Benjamin, Ammonium Chloride, Myrobalan. Two to be taken after breakfast. There is no indication of amounts or strength of the herbs, nor how long to take the course. Until the blackness sets in?
We learn by our mistakes...I too found this "firm" on the Mayo site.

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