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July 25, 2009


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Mary Beth Schneggenburger

Is there anyone is position of authority we can contact to try to get these guys shut down globally? or is it just too big and too much of a fantom company?


I came to your site as a recommendation and I have to say what I just read here is amazing. Thanks for all the work that you put in this. I have MS and I was told to try some alternative medications, but after reading this article you have open my eyes to the scams that are out there. I agree with Mary Beth's post that we need to shut these guys down before someone takes this stuff and turns for the worst.

One Sick Mother

Mary Beth,

I would dearly love to shut these guys down. However, it seems to be a bit tricky to accomplish as they are have operations in at least 5 countries (Italy, England, Norway, Germany and Pakistan) that I know, and the laws and regulations on this stuff is tricky.

Dietary supplements and alternative medicine is not regulated in many places, and I wonder if the "buyer beware" rule applies in many of these counties because for most of the products, the ingredients are listed on the site? The theory here is that if you freely buy hairballs and rat poison from them to to treat Parkinson's (yes those are two listed ingredients in Parkotab), do you have much recourse through the law -especially across borders? If you are in the States and buy from a company who claims to be from Norway but ships product from Pakistan;, to which authority do you turn? Who has jurisdiction in this scenario? And many of us are dealing with our own illness and issues and don't have the resources to find out. It is all very murky.


Not all alternative medicine is bad, not all supplements are bad, and not all internet merchants are con artists (but these ones definitely are!).

I do recommend that if you are going to go the alternative route, you do it through a licensed practicioner, preferably one who comes highly recommended by someone you know, and that you research the bejeekers out of EVERYTHING before you try it.

Good luck with finding treatment.


Tim Murphy

Fascinating stuff!!!

I note that their FAQ file always referes to "Skin Abcesses" - a rare lapse in their ability to make each site look unique.

I'd love it if they could be prosecuted under the laws of Pakistan (better yet under Sharia - Islamic Law) - might end up losing their typing hands.

One Sick Mother


Thanks for pointing that out. I missed that!

Interesting point about Islamic law. I will check it out.


kitty stubbe

It's disgusting! I have vocal cord paralysis and I am desperately looking for a cure...found the site but senced something was wrong just in time...
I have no words for what these people are false hope to terminally ill people etc. , scandalous...My sence of humour first took over but realising that they trick deadly ill people into this is preposterous...

Jeremy Bernsdorff

I'm just curious to know your opinion on an herbal product that has 3 US Patents, 20 major universities doing independantly financed studies on it and peer review published in prestigious medical journals? If you don't think that such a product exists or is a scam, please check out the web address (link removed)

I would appreciate your opinion (for curiosity's sake). I am a distributor of this product and have my own testimony of it. Thank you very much, have a great day!!

Jeremy Bernsdorff

Sorry, here's the working address:
(link removed)

Don't hesitate to at least look at this site. If you doubt the validity of it, I can send you peer review studies you can take to ANY doctor.
Please e-mail me if you'd like the peer review:

Thank you very much, have a wonderful day!!

Jeremy Bernsdorff

One more thing. Being a distributor, I cannot make claims. But the US Government awarded 3 patents on this product. If you're curious to see what the most recent patent says regarding the health benefits and which illnesses they find this product useful to prevent/treat, then go to the following address.

(links removed)

Okay, enough outta me. I hope everyone is able to find the treatment that works for them!!

One Sick Mother


Thanks for reaching out to advertise your product on OSM. I will leave your comments here for the moment, with a note to my readers that I don't endorse the product or any claims pertaining to it at all.

I had a look at your site and there is no study. There is a study on MICE, but I don't have whiskers and a tail.

I have eight words for you:

Large-scale, double-blind peer-reviewed human study.

After you produce that, I'll read it and offer an opinion.

In the meantime, if I ever find myself caring for a sick mouse, you'll be the second person I call.


Jeremy Bernsdorff

Fair enough. Thank you very much for at least looking. Have a great day!

One Sick Mother


You sound disappointed. I think you must have mistaken me for someone gullible. Or for someone who gives a shit about companies who want to make a profit off of sick people (you really should read some more of my work. Start under the heading "scams").

So we have established there are no human studies for this stuff you are trying to sell. Yet I assume it is already on the market -untested- at inflated prices?


Patents mean nothing, BTW. Any eejit can take out a patent or three. I particularly like US #6637447; the "Beerbrella", which was designed to keep the sun off your beer.

Jeremy Bernsdorff

No, my disappointment stems from your lack of research. Here's one example I found very quickly.
(link removed)

Jeremy Bernsdorff

So do some SERIOUS research about this like you do the other "scams". Tell me what you find. Both negative AND positive!

One Sick Mother


So now you are trying to sell me on an article that was written by a marketing/ public relations guy who's short bio goes like this

"I work with small business & network marketers and share with them how to utilize social media marketing to enhance credibility, visibility and profitability while decreasing their current marketing and advertising costs."

(an expert on medical research, then. No?)

AND his little sales pitch "article" is based on the same MOUSE study, on which you already know my opinion.

But you're right. I need more research. So I researched him a little more. What's his main business? He sells this stuff too, just like you do. So I hardly think anything he writes on the subject is exactly objective and unbiased.

(link removed)

Is he a friend of yours, by any chance?

I research research, not testimonials, marketing or biased opinions. And the studies aren't there. Period.

You can try all you like to goad me into writing an article about your little product, but it's not going to happen.

Now, unless you have that large-scale double blind, peer-reviewed human study that I requested; please go away and stop wasting my time.


One Sick Mother


I was wondering about this guy and his persistent and spiraling craziness. Then I woke up just now and I realized...

It's a full moon right about now.

I always -without fail- get at least one nutter bugging me when the moon waxes (but they usually e-mail).

It's not called "lunacy" for nothing.


Emma in France

Read this after you posted in LSG. OSM, this is some great research. One thing you might want to do is contact the BBC consumer programme Watchdog. I would think that it would be something that would interest them, especially as you've done so much of the hard work for them.

This is a very interesting site. One thing other people might find mildly interesting- I can't take credit for this as it was suggested by a scientifically-minded friend- is that many illnesses go into sudden unexplained remission. This can happen with a lot of cancers, for example.

So if a desperate individual is using a spurious remedy at the time, they will (totally understandably) link a sudden recovery with the 'drug'. I imagine this is where a lot of testimonials come from. There will always be just enough coincidental recoveries with any random item to gather together a very convincing case for the item, even when the writers of them were acting in sincere good faith.

As for the manufacturers, it would be great if some people creating useless and irrelevent remedies would see how much damage their work causes and blow the whistle on some of their practises. It does almost seem as if some of these remedies have become a kind of new religion of sorts.

If people were better educated about the chemical properties of these items it would do a lot of good. It's a pity there's so little reliable unbiased research on DIY remedies and the chemical properties and effects: it would sort out the plausible from the spurious and save people a lot of wasted time and worry.

One Sick Mother

Thanks. I contacted watchdog, but never heard back. I never followed up, either so it's probably my fault.

That is a good point and one of the reasons they have controlled studies for stuff like this where people don't know if they are getting the medication or a sugar pill.

There is a placebo effect, with is well documented. Also you are right, for some people there could be a co-incidental improvement in their condition.

You are right that the manufacturers. What burns me is they put it *right out* there that many of the products contain things like mercury (only they call it "cinnabar" -sounds nicer, right?) Strychnine (strychnos nuxvomica), and arsenic (arsenic). These are listed on many of the websites. But most people don't do the research, instead trusting blindly that *somebody* has vetted these scammers or they wouldnt' be in business.

But nobody has.


Surviving Soft Tissue Sarcoma

I just glanced over this site. I try to read PubMed and other articles about new discoveries (such as the one where curcumin can help reduce resistance to some cancer drugs but in other cancer drugs, it may do the reverse).

I believe in vitamins, herbs and other nutrients but have always been very scared of I'm terrified!

When chemo isn't working to rid a recurring sarcoma (I'm not EVEN going to go into how painful, expensive and and just plain damned inconvenient this illness has been....not to mention ER visits from some of the chemo drugs), let's just say I'm well-motivated to find something to alleviate symptoms and boost chemotherapy's effect on this cancer.

You can only continue to lose so much flesh and bone and have your blood counts knocked down with doxorubicin, Ifosfamide and other nasty drugs. The heart damage is eventually going to take precedence over the disease.

Thanks for helping to sort through the bullshit (cancer already leaves a person broke) remedies but I encourage doctors and researchers to keep searching for what helps the patient and what helps the medicines work!


Hi, First I'd like to say great job, and thank you on behalf of all the people you have helped and those you will help in the future to avoid being taken advantage of and possibly being harmed by the scum that steal from the sick and injured.
I went on google maps and checked the addresses for Botanical Sources and Berlin Homeo Products, and they both are, GET THIS...

Mailboxes Etc. locations!

Seriously? Surely these manufacturers of MIRACLE CURES would have their own mailing address...unless they aren't really legitimate businesses...right???
OK, I think these people are lower than scum, I think they would steal milk from a baby if they could sell it to desperate sick people.

Again--great site :-)


Great site! Thanks for all your hard work.
If you ever get around to it, check out what you can on light therapy. I see some claims (like large well-known manufacturers) that it works and then I see other sites (usually homeopathic) ones trying to sell a knock-off with a 100% money back guarantee. I am a member of a sleep disorder board and i have referenced your site to them a couple of times (people mentioning cures for apnea and narcolepsy). I have idiopathic hypersomnia and possible a delayed circadian system issue. So I am always looking for ways to do something to wake up! I am sure there are others out there like me.
Thanks again for a well documented and great site. And thanks again for all your hard work. I hope a treatment comes available that will make your life better.

One Sick Mother


Thanks for the kind words of encouragement.

I add light therapy to the list of things I need to explore when I am feeling a bit better.


Eric Bourne

How can I be sure that you are nopt a scam?

One Sick Mother


You cant. 

But I am selling nothing and there are no advertisements here on OSM as a matter of policy.

So what exactly do you think I might be trying to scam you out of? The time it took you to read this piece? (yeah. Like thats going to get me a mansion in Southhampton).


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