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July 08, 2009


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Virginia Bennett

Hi OSM, I'm keeping up with you, bit by bit! I'm so sorry to hear about the seizure at the vets! It just irks me so much that no one can get a handle on this for you, figure out what is causing it and get you some trx for it!! I mean, we put men on the moon, right?

Your story about sharing with Joe is a blessing to read. Of course, you know he's going to talk to Grace, now, don't you? I imagine you are prepared for that talk soon!

God bless you, I miss you...and think about you so often.



"In six years of grade school, you have made almost nine years of progress. That's why I am proud of you"

Thanks for making me cry at work!!!


I am afraid I cannot remember if I have commented here before or not! I just wanted to say that was a beautifully written post.


You did a great job, OSM. And so did Joe. He has every reason to be proud of himself.

I like how he described himself as a ghost. It seems a good description for someone who wants to fit in but can't materialize the social skills needed. Ghosts almost always are portrayed as frustrated in their attempts to communicate. It's such an interesting metaphor he came up with. Damn, but the boy is clever.

One Sick Mother


Thanks for stopping by. I have been keeping up with your blog (OMG!) I owe you an e-mail.

You know, I don't think he will talk to Grace. Or to anyone. Yet. He tends to keep stuff like this to himself and not want to share with many people, at least until he has processed for himself, which will take a long time. It *might* get blurted out if he gets frustrated, mind you, but this is unlikely. He is a pretty deep kid.

you big softie! Serves you right for reading blogs at work ;)

I think you have. Thank you for your support.

I had wondered about the 'ghost' thing and you know, that makes perfect sense!

Yes, he has tremendous insight. He floors me on a regular basis.

Quirky Mom

Wow, well done. Both you and Joe!

And WOW he reminds me of Apple. She "process things" the exact same way. I knew exactly what you meant when you first said it and then I just nodded along each time you described how he was "processing" something.

Lisa Moon

Hi, OSM!

I'm beginning my happy foray into catch-up land and, knowing your prolific writing will take me some time to read through, I thought I'd begin more recently...

I cried, too, reading this! Not because it's sad, but because I'm SO impressed with the love, compassion and amazingly sensitive way you managed to speak to Joe about this!

The timing just seemed so perfect and was clearly what he needed to hear. Obviously your son is incredibly bright - just like his mom! - and has many special gifts to share. :)

Can't wait to read on about the synaesthesia; I've an adult friend who has this who was fairly surprised at my ability to comprehend this and, moreso, that I had even heard of it... and yet again that I don't consider it a deficit, but a gift!

From where I sit, it seems to me our friends on the Spectrum boast many gifts. Looking forward to society at large learning to recognise and harness these immense gifts for the benefit of us all!

Ooooh, I could just give you the biggest hug right now... my arms are stretched, see? Really far!

Once again, I bow to your awesome Momskills. Word.

Tim Murphy

This is very moving. I found your blog as I and others were figuring out a scam that you described so perfectly well. Needless to say, we are now well aware of the whole "review and compare" scam methodology. I am a doc and we need to be better armed than with vague "be careful what you read on the web" comments.

But I am glad I stuck around to read more here. I give bad news regularly, and I am raising a daughter with special needs, and the way that you handled this should be in that manual for raising children they always tell you doesn't exist. Thanks, Tim Murphy

One Sick Mother


Thanks for your interest and your kind words.

The scam thing is quite scary, particularly as the scammers seem to be getting more widespread and sophisticated, and with more people over here losing their jobs and insurance, the market is growing.

Good luck with your daughter. Raising any kid is challenging, but a special needs child brings it's own set of additional challenges.

...not all of them bad! ;)

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