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August 10, 2009


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Lisa Moon

That's an awesome story! :) Well done, Joe!

One Sick Mother

Thanks Lisa,

I thought it was a very creative solution to a difficult problem.

Sorry I have been so bad at responding to comments recently. I have been kind of slammed with e-mails from people who were scammed or almost scammed and I have had little time for regular comments.



Wow, what a smart kid. It is a great idea and one some video arts BA student is stealing from him to turn in but also a way to to isolation into one of the great odes - which considering that is was written from the isolation of progressive loss of hearing is all the more circular.

One Sick Mother


That is a good point about his music choice. I hadn't thought much about it; although I know he is familiar with other classical pieces (his sneaky mom puts them on the MP3 playlists). I actually tried to steer him to something technically easier, more 'soundbitey', like O Fortuna from Carmina Burana, which is only 2½ minutes. (the full Beethoven movement 24 minutes).

But he was very specific: He wanted the Ode to Joy (and made me hunt for a version he liked!). He made the right call.

You are right. The kid is smart. And in a very deep-seated way that cannot be taught.


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