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August 17, 2009


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Lisa Moon

Oh, gosh, how very, very distressing. Having been a not-so-long-time reader, but long enough to hear of the extremely long time without answers you've had to endure, this must be just... well, I can only try to imagine if my own boy was having the same thing I was finally diagnosed with. I know I'd be a mess, I'm sure. Funny as parents we're able to endure so much more ourselves than we can or should have to observe in our own offspring.

However, on the positive side, even if Joe should develop some of the same issues as his mum, you at least have the benefit of all the hard work and research you've done while looking into your own concerns.

I'll be keeping Joe (and his mum, of course) in my thoughts, hoping for a post-summer calming of the fluid-intake, etc.


Increased nighttime thirst and urination can be a sign of diabetes. He might not have it and may just not drink enough earlier in the day/while he's more active, but it's important to check! Particularly since he's feeling bad after eating certain foods.

I am a bit sensitive to wheat, eggs, milk, and nitrates (bacon, sausage). My sister and I always felt weird after we ate a big traditional breakfast like this. Eggs, bacon/sausage, and syrup have in the past been strong migraine triggers for me (I don't get migraines on beta blockers), as well as waiting too late to eat.

Omitting the syrup seemed to help (sprinkling with cinnamon and a tiny amount of sugar = far less sugar), as does limiting to eating just one of these items. The syrup seemed to bother me more than anything else--it messed with my blood sugar too much, more than other sugary foods (I actually get hypoglycemic). Nuts can also make me feel weird.

I hope his issues are on the milder end, so that he's just one of those who can figure out the particular triggers for him. This can be difficult to do!


Oh crap! Odds are he's fine & it's nothing, but as a mom my mind would go right where yours did. I will keep my fingers crossed for him. <3


I'm sorry you're so worried, but keeping a close eye on Joe seems like a very smart plan.

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