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August 02, 2009


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I'm not so sure that you missed this teachable moment. Joe has learned (probably) that closer investigation demands that he make use of all his tools, which include both other people who (quite literally this time) may see things differently and mechanical instruments that allow him greater precision. I think walking away without saying things was the right thing to do, even if it stung. Maybe especially. He is a smart boy. He will figure out the lesson for himself.


I agree with Yanub on this one, OSM. Sometimes, the most valuable lessons are the ones we teach ourselves. They may take us a while to learn, but once we "get" them, they tend to really stick.

Lisa Moon

I would tend to concur with the insightful comments above. You're always on top of those teachable moments (which I've often admired and hope I always comment on!) and, as you smartly note, "You can't teach angry."

It can be very frustrating to need 'aids', whether it be a cane, a scooter or even eyeglasses. And we all have a right to feel that frustration and, eventually, learn and move on from it.

Ugh, I hope that made sense because the words are not coming out the way my head is thinking today. Sheesh.

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