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August 06, 2009


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Well you know I went & checked my test results to see which way I was being tested for my B-12 & it was serum. Now I get why my neuro was impressed with that test. I bet she thought it would be the other form.

Just a side note, I don't trust fortified cereals. Are the amounts the amount they add or is it the amount that is bio-available once the product is on the shelf. Plus who needs that much iron? 'Cause my word is there a lot in them.


I'm not a health guru and certainly don't eat anything that resembles a "healthy" diet, probably because I was an obligate carnivore in a past life and traces of it have hung on into this one, so I take all kinds of vitamin supplements. Whether or not doing so helps is anyone's guess, but it does lessen the twinges of guilt in the old conscience every now and again. :)


Bah to a "healthy" diet. I used to eat "healthy." And I used to constantly break out in rashes, have asthma attacks, and extremely socially awkward intestinal disturbances. Then I found out I was allergic to all that "healthy" stuff. I hate to think of all the damage I was doing to myself by continuing to eat "healthy" instead of listening to my body.

And liver? Love it. Eat it at least once a week now, smothered in cream and onions.


A great article! And if you happen to be a vegetarian you risk a deadly form of anemia due to a deficiency of B12. So many peole are suffering from depression today and this vitamin deficiency is often overlooked as a root cause. Most psychiatrist's I know suggest supplementing the B vitamins but primary care physicians often do not. If you feel you cannot get enough B12 into your daily diet perhaps you could supplement. Also I personally feel that lean red meat can be a part of a "healthy" diet and perhaps should be especially for menstruating women. All things in moderation!


There are always exceptions in every which method of life you follow,but healthy and unhealthy has to be balanced beautifully to move ahead in this life isn't it?


Another example of the way funding affects health care. But it gets more complicated.
Low iron causes microcytosis (small red blood cells) , and as iron, B12 and folate are all absorbed in the same part of the small intestine, it's not uncommon to have all low, especially in conditions like coeliac disease. BTW you can be gluten intolerant without the biopsy signs of coeliac. The gliaden IgA and IgM antibodies should be checked.
Low B12 +/-folate can cause psychosis (megaloblastic mania - known for at least 50 years) and subacute spinal cord degeneration (although different from that in syringomyelia)in addition to peripheral paraesthesias and hypoaesthesias. I find dizzyness often responds to B12. B12 and RC folate are part of the screening process for dementia, and should be for any neurological disorders (especially MS which is exacerbated by low levels of B12).
Here (Australia) we would check serum B12 and red cell folate (more accurate)- I routinely screen all women. In my experience only vegans ( no meat,dairy or eggs), those with pernicious anaemia (low intrinsic factor and family history) and coeliac/gluten sensitivity/gut dysbiosis have B12 below accepted range, although about 10% are at bottom of range. Sublingual B12 is much better absorbed.
Very nicely researched. You are a writer.

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