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August 18, 2009


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Lol at "what show is that from:)

Let's see:
"No Honey, I won't be dying, not tomorrow either....yes, I promise."

"No, the man isn't still on the moon; he got a lift back home."

"I'm sure Pluto isn't upset over becoming a dwarf planet."

"Stop head butting the door, it's bashed up enough already."

"Isn't that clever, you managed to fit yourself into the pampers box....and close the top."

I'll have others I know


Tunnelling behind the cereal boxes! That's the kind of thing you know will be funny. Later. Years later. But right now, someone is in biiiiig trouble.

Lisa Moon

Oh, sheesh, my kid is too old to remember all the good ones, I think.

One that sticks was a little story he'd kill me if I told, so here goes, lol!

Son (just into PJs, getting ready for bed; age approx. 6 or so): Mom! Mom!

Me: Yes, baby?

Son: Mom, my 'winnie' (penis) just moved - *all by itself! See?!* (holds PJ pants away from body while observing, clearly fascinated with this occurance).

Mom (oh, so nonchalantly, trying to stifle peals of laughter): Sometimes that happens, dear. It might mean you need to go pee before bed.

Son: Oh, yes, I DO! (scurries off to loo).

Yeeeaaah, that one still gets me. Ah, the excitement of discovering cool body tricks! LOL.

But hmm, what about the things I've said which I never imagined? Have to think on that. Thanks for sharing yours, btw. My favourites include sniffing the pizza guy and your zinger to the KMart jerk. Awesome.


Oh, goodness, my sister has only four kids five years apart, but she also babysits one or two babies for extra income, plus other kids are always over...and she homeschools. So I had to laugh in recognition about the yelling on the phone--being able to turn down the volume on the phone fast is very helpful!

My son is on the autistic spectrum too and my daughter is smart, which can lead to its own problems. I am embarrassed to say one conversation that I recently had is:
-We don't set up websites dedicated to people we don't like is a very bad idea that can cause a lot of trouble.
-You can't order stuff off ebay without permission (at age 5 for my son).
-We don't spam our friends with forwards, especially when the forward wants you to send everyone e-mail back to the original sender (this is why her friends have the highest number of spams ever, fortunately not in R-rated terrain but real estate and banking scams).
-You can't email to be a beta tester on a new computer program without mom's and dad's permission (to son).
Better to learn now, with clear guidelines and guidance, than later.

Loved the response to the KMart guy!

Having trouble coming up with some of the older memories today, but:
-Repeating the same noises over and over bothers other people (he does it under his breath now).
-When you don't answer a question, it hurts people's feelings (responded to with surprise).
-We cannot harm people over toys. Do you see mom and dad physically battling over games or books that we want or fighting over movies/the TV remote? Or do we take turns choosing programs we want to watch?
-Hiding your food doesn't count as bites tried.

And I'll bet most kids don't hear:
"Pick up your stuff! You haven't left me an accessible path!"

One Sick Mother


Those are hilarious! particularly the pampers box one!

Yanub, the worst part about the cereal boxes was getting him out. Luckily, for me, grace's sensibilities were offended by the fallen boxes, so she would help to put them all back.


I hope he doesn't read thios site. He will be horrified to see that story (which was v. cute) on the Internet!

The K-mart thing just came out of nowhere (I was FURIOUS!). The place was packed, and when I said that, everyone on the lines started to laugh and smirk. The guy put down his stuff and walked out, mortified.


LOL I think you have a budding Bill Gates on your hands there... (uh oh!)

I hear you on the "accessible path" thing. I have had to say on occasion: "I don't have my cane. I need to lean on you" which is another thing most kids don't hear. Fortunately, Joe is both sturdy and kind.


Very funny, even to those of us without kids.

My favorite unusual parental ruling happened while you and I were working together. I don't remember who it was, but I called him at home to help me with a operations crisis and in the middle of his instructions, he shouted into the phone,

"Do not run around the room with a lightbulb in your mouth!!!!!"

I instantly sensed that was not an instruction for me and as it turns out, it wasn't.

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