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August 08, 2009


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Thank God I came across your website before handing over any money to these con-artists. I'd found half a dozen websites offering herbal treatments 'guaranteed' to help my skin condition granuloma annulare. You've done my wallet a favour - I'll hang on to my hard earned cash!

One Sick Mother

I'm glad you found me before you ordered any of these products.

I get a lot of e-mails from people who had ordered already and *then* found OSM, which makes me sad for them and angry at the con artists.



Thank you are providing such a valuable service to a lot of people struggling with illnesses. To be sick and to be duped by these unscrupulous people providing false hope is doubly sad. I just wanted to offer my thanks for all your efforts and wish you luck in finding your answers.


here's another thank you - i was researching a natural treatment for my hand tremors - thankfully found your page before i ordered! now i'm really sad that these folks were trying to take advantage of my illness....i believe you reap what you sow - these folks are in a world of s**t if that is so....

Jean Hunter

With all this going one......where can a person
find a truly honest site. I could possibly hav
scleroderma of my hands.

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