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August 19, 2009


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Mary Beth

No, OSM, I have two girls with EDS. I care too. I read every day and I pray for you everday. You are the one fighting for all of us......


OSM, I don't think you are the only one to care so much about medical frauds. Orac at Respectful Insolence, for instance, devotes a large part of his blog to fighting quacks and frauds.

Now, do you care more than me? Well, I'm not doing the research and blogging on the issue that you are, so you must. But we all can't care about the same thing to the same degree all the time. The good part is that you are doing this research, and as people read what you have come up with, some will come up with ideas for taking action that even more people can assist with. So, please, don't let frustration stop your important research.


It's wonderful that people who have loooked for information about these scams have arrived at your blog--that's saved them from these fraudsters. I hope many more will find you and that word will get out.

I wrote about a different kind of scam yesterday--a cancer email. I don't tackle products but the myths that lead people to self blame or to abandon treatment (like "the Secret" and Louise Hay's book--well, I guess those are products, though less immediately harmful). I was also delighted that some people have found the blog by looking for more information on it.

Maybe we should develop some kind of links or event, for disability bloggers for truth in health claims?

Even if we've not been victims of this particular scam, I'll wager that almost all of us have been affected at one point by a health fad/fraud.

One Sick Mother

Guys, thanks for the support.

In that last line: The frustration wasn't directed at you. I had spent a huge part of the day (and quite some time in the early hours of the morning) on the phone and on-line to various government and LE agencies, trying to get someone in authority to listen or to care.

But apparently, that's not their job. I spent over an hour on hold with one agency, only to be told they were he wrong department, and then given another number.

I didn't mean it to sound like I was frustrated at you. Not at all.



& when I read those post I see someone who gives a shit about people who have medical situations that make us feel so hopeless we'd fall for these scams. I know my EDS, Poland's & scoliosis are never going anywhere, but my migraines, neuropathy & chronic pain issues? I have days where I would buy from those snake oil salesmen & if they said they had something that would help.

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