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September 07, 2009


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Burn them, burn them, BURN THEM TO THE GROUND AND SALT IT! I'm sorry but that's my disease up there. You can look up the Mayo Clinic, you can look up any database and no one has EVER lived longer than 10 years, it has been noted and studied for over 108 years and there never has been a single survivor and they come along and say they have a cure, a sure-fire cure. I hate them, I hate them, that they could even say such a thing, that they would profit off of people who have 0 percent chance. I am sure there are many more up there in the same boat, for whom it is a matter of time - but to pick these people, to pick ME as a person to offer a GUARENTEE (sic) that I will be cured - do you know how painful and pyschologically sick that is.

The diseases they promise, PROMISE to save us from are one which are the most painful, suffering, intense version of hell which can go on longer than even professionals can stomach to watch - do you think we would not pay anything, ANYTHING to be cured. But half of the fight is to NOT give in to chasing after anything because after all "This can't be happening to ME!" And the other half is to live on, knowing what will happen, and how it will happen.

Writing that made me cry enough to stop a few times. These are evil, evil people who are akin to those who dig up bodies in order to rip gold out of teeth. Burn them to the ground, please.


I will follow this up - as if MSA is not removed as a web page, I have informed them I will contact the EU and German authorities to go to that address and hold the people involved for criminal charges. As well as charges in the Hague. I have no issue calling the Met, or particularly this address in Germany and informing the police they are using terminal individuals as test subjects for profit, creating physical and psychological assault and torture. And I will ensure they are charged NOT with corporate or fraud but criminal charges. I want them to do time, in jail. And I want the entire operation raided (since they gave an address) because this definately contravenes the EU human rights laws regarding people with disabilities, and human basic dignity. Well, I guess I have a new hobby too.

Ivor Hughes

Hello there,

I arrived at your site via an article posted by Joel Hirshhorn and noted your comment and out of curiosity arrived here.

I am most impressed with your dedication to your subject and your Mothers devotion to your children.

Basically there is Big Pharma or Pharmageddon with their equally weird pills and even weirder diagnostic techniques and then we have Baby Pharmageddon, those who you have exposed. As a peoples we are horribly exploited by both systems. I run a free website and forum in New Zealand which is visited by every nation.

I will not post my URL and abuse your blog because I am not interested in self promotion but what I am interested in is 'Health Freedom' to that end you will find the URL in my details.

You Maam are most welcome in my forum to instruct us all for the benefit of all. Come and share with us and let us all help each other. I sell nothing and I advertise nothing except health scams.

Ivor Hughes

One Sick Mother

Yes, you are one of the main reasons I have been so diligent in tracking down and documenting these scammers. I think of your situation and I know what these people do is simply unconscionable.

I have complained to many agencies, to little avail. But you are much more persuasive than I, so go for it.

Thank you for your kind words and respect. I did wander over there last night; some interesting stuff! Thanks for the link.



I cannot believe that the peoples like berlin homeo products are doing this bloody business and german authorities are doing nothing.


Their Pharmitin site is back up. I almost fell for it until I started doing my research. They did email me twice but when they didn't address my questions, I felt something was fishy. Here is the new link.

One Sick Mother

Thanks for that info. I updated the post to reflect the new link

William Le

It is just unbelievable that they keeps going back with another form of scamming or as new webpage.

Just a note to the readers if you are buying or looking forward to something online. Be aware of those websites which are using the way of auction by selling the bids. You will never get the item.

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