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September 09, 2009


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"I just wish these drivers and administrators really understood the impact this sort of nonsense has on special needs kids."

If only there were a magic wand we could wave to help "them" see how these little things have such a big impact on our kids.

I hope things went well this afternoon.


We've had similar bus woes, and it's scary! I don't need my child lost or dropped off to an empty house, sigh. That sort of thing was traumatizing to a first grader.

If you get a prepaid cell phone, you don't have to worry about a monthly fee and do have peace of mind. Sounds like a good plan.

Lisa Moon

UGH UGH and UGH again!

I remember when my then-labelled ADHD son was being picked up at 740 am to get to school for 9 am... and was getting in trouble for getting out of his seat or whatever on the hour plus bus ride to his school (he was going to another school for a specialised class - big mistake, but that's another story).

The hideous, Autism-spectrum-teacher (herself clearly Spectrum in her refusal to accept anything but that my child NEEDED to be on Ritalin) used this hour-plus inability to remain seated in her arguments.

When I problem solved by providing a book for my son to read on the looonnng ride (the school was only 10 minutes away; clearly the time was due to picking up kids all over the place and probably with similar routing issues as you've had) she actually found that to be unacceptable "He's only sitting because he is reading!" Um, isn't that a good thing? No; he wasn't on Ritalin, sitting in his seat for nearly an hour and a half to get to school...

I can't even articulate my frustrations on those mixed-up issues, though it's been about 8 years...

BTW my son, after other struggles, is now in grade 12, regular stream classes, no assistance and made the honour roll twice last year, much to his amazement (all he did was stop skipping classes to see his gf, lol).

I mention this because at one time, I'd decided I needed to let go of my son having a 'normal school career', which actually was ok with me, since I don't much appreciate our school system!

Sorry for the prolonged and late comment... catching up! Again! LOL.

I hope the bus has improved greatly for both the kids' sakes - and mom's mental health!


I apologize, and commend your son, the one person who seems to be taking responsibility (besides yourself) - is the bus driver wrong - no, no, of course not, it was an error. Was the company wrong, no, no, some glitch somewhere. Is anyone in any capability wrong in to quote an ambulance supervisor when I asked to have a complaint, "It isn't like anything you could possible say will impact or threaten anyone's job."

The person who took responsibility is your son. The person who is having a physical toil on them is you and your son. The people who have lost time, who have lost resources are you and your son.

It makes me want to go to that company, and let out the tires' air leaving a note, "Sorry, thought they were mine." - repeat the next day. However, that would get me a visit from the police - because when I waste the time of a company by making an error - that's a crime. When they do it to you...hmmmmm....that's when you buy mace? Dunno but good luck. I can come down and put some fear of EFM into them if you want! But since you are OSM I am sure you have that situation covered.

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