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September 16, 2009


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Lisa Moon

Ohhh... is it really too much to ask for that patients (as patient as we're forced to be!!!) be treated with some respect for having a modicum of intellect?!

Lucky for Grace she has a mama like you! When I was around 15 and having my braces removed, I was to return to have the retainer fitted. When I arrived (alone, after school) the orthodontist told me they were going to CUT THROUGH my gums over my second incisors, which were slightly rotated prior to the braces.

At my shock and saying that I had not been informed of such a thing, he told me that I HAD been informed of such last appointment. What I WANTED to say, but was too scared to was that I sure as hell wouldn't have come if I'd known they were going to do THAT!

What did they do? They took a razor blade and, I shit you not, cut right through my gums to the tooth on each side! OMG.

The explantion? There are fibrous bands which hold teeth in place and they would just pull my teeth back to their prior position if they didn't do this.

They did. And a few years later those teeth rotated back to where they were before! (Which, btw, is not at all extreme or unattractive or even difficult to clean!).

Your guy? Sounds like a jerk - like so many arrogant specialists, eh? Like you might not be able to tell if the expander looked noticeably different than the other. Woudln't it be fabulous if you suddenly had the other one to shove in his face and say HA!!! Told you so, jerk!

Sorry, my little fantasy, getting away there... ;)

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