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September 26, 2009


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I have gotten those, too. But I moderate all my comments and freely refuse to post ones that contain irrelevant or fraudulent links, as well as ones that are the work of some troll or the other. Don't feel bad. After all, do you think that person is really going to receive the money they are promised for doing that work? They are the main one being scammed, and perhaps your email will help motivate them to quit before they lose too much more time to a fraud.

David J. Bryden

Cheer up, OSM, somebody thinks your blog has enough visitors to be worth posting on. You're a success!

One Sick Mother

Good point on her (not) getting paid. I hadn't thought of that!

Yes. OSM is getting all the wrong sort of attention recently (my Facebook updates on the subject are only the tip of the iceberg!). Is this typically what happens before the *right* kind of attention comes along, or am I just effin cursed ;) ?


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