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September 14, 2009


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David J. Bryden

Is it worth while going after these scam companies one by one, OSM? Surely the real problem is people's lack of understanding that there the pharmaceutical industry is regulated and they simply should not purchase from outside channels.

One Sick Mother


I understand your point, but going one-by-one and naming names means the search engine hits will come to me in addition to the scammers. I just hope they click on my link first.

And -trust me on this one: Parroting your granny's canned advice to someone who is sick and desperate without supporting evidence will get you precisely nowhere.

Even with supporting evidence, it is difficult sometimes.


I am glad that you are going after these individuals (organizations, indviduals, whichever). And I know that you do it for the search engine hits. I don't want you to think I am going into conspiracy theory here but to, for example, the EU, the FDA is a highly suspect group who often assist companies in hiding potential side effects (That's not from me, that's from 2 doctors and a specialist), and from looking up one medication (on the core registry database - not listed with the product) which had the number one side effect being 'suicidal tendancies' as well as having two doctors reviewing my drugs as few as they are (I try to keep them down to a drug or less per disease), noting that journal articles or other literature indicated that several countra-indicated each other, some indeed inducing the very symptom they were to eliminate.

So I guess I am wondering if I have missed the FDA exposure or if there will be one in the future, I know only certain drugs, and only because of see SO many specialist, and doctors (like 30-50) and doing research for myself, my parents, my friends involving UK and EU drug trials when in the UK, then recommending drugs to people here only to find them either unavailable or a different drug pushed as 'the same' (while world wide literature showed rather a different picture) - or having a $40 drug for anxiety sold as an ADHD drug for over $400 a month. Your experience in seeing the names and the shell games (I still seriously cannot believe they listed mercury IN the ingredients - arsenic has been used for heart in low doses for I think about 500 years or more, but mercury, as medicinal? Without Alchemy or the belief in the four humours in the body I cannot see it having a medicinal use).

Any chance of some overviews or single examinations of FDA actions and products (as here it seems that companies don't need to use any promise just the three magic letters)?

Once again thanks.

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