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September 27, 2009


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As they say at home

I totally identify with such a dilemma; you don't have a support structure because your ARE the support structure. Take away the what ifs, (school calls you etc) this sounds like the closest you've come to any real answers. I could throw out the usual, respite, negotiating your sessions down to 2 times a week; haranging hubby to at least work at home once a week.

My istinct is to wait for blood results and plan from there....however I am personally barring the door as that fecker Hope is all smooth talk and plucking feathers;)


My goodness, I can understand you'd have some anxiety about being away that long (and that far). I am wishing you had some of the school parents we had, who asked what they could do after my spine surgery--and we doled out tasks (a big one was transport to PT for me so husband didn't lose his job doing it--2 hours plus an hour of transportation). They would have met the kids if I needed too--I think they did.

One Sick Mother

Yes, I am waiting for the bloodwork and then we'll take it from there. I am hoping the guy will be able to set something up local to me -maybe do the first baseline session at the hospital, but the rest of them with someone here, under his supervision. He used to be based out this way, so it is not an inconceivable notion.

You know, if I ask, I'm sure some of the parents will be willing to help. it's just a little tricky the way the neighbourhood is set up, most of the people I am friendliest with are on the other side of town (and Joe's school bus doesn't go over there, but Graces does!).

Another part of the problem is my own fear; knowing my kids as I do, that they may not do OK with being our of routine -especially with people they don't know very well.

But as Mother Francis used to say: "where there is a will, there is a way" So we will (somehow) figure out a way.


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