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October 19, 2009


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jack parker

Wei Industries is also a scam



bob beckner

Good job! I've been conned 4 times and no more....I am using vitamins A C D3 E MSM Sulphur Q10 minerals andbeta Carotine plus a multi Vitamin...The only thing else I do is work out at the local Gym, lifting and treadmilling....If you have any other suggestions; throw thm my way. While at work I keep my oxygen flow @ 11/2 and raise it to 2 while working out. Thanks for your imput


so a quick question is that if you exercise regularly 3-4 days per week you can minimize or possibly even prevent the growth of emphysema??

One Sick Mother


I need more info. I tried to find Wei Industries but found several, none of which seemed to have anything to do with COPD.

If you could give me a link, that would narrow it down a lot.

John, You're welcome.

Bob and Josh. I'm afraid I don't have emphysema/COPD so I can't offer advice on living with it.

My specialty is rooting out scams. As there were a lot in this particular category, I put them together in one place in the hope that people might find them more easily beofore spending their money on garbage.


John Ed

So is there a cure? A legit cure?

Jakey Hound

I have COPD. This condition can be managed, not cured. The link below from the British Lung Foundation gives information and advice. This can help you to minimise further lung damage, maximise your health and improve your overall quality of life.

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