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October 23, 2009


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One Sick Mother


I sincerely hope the comments here have contributed to the products decline. Lord knows I have tried hard enough. 

But if you spell the product name correctly you might have better results. It is linked from my article on Gordons 

Failing that, you could purchase the Gordons product for Depression, Erectile dysfunction, smoking addiction, Indigestion, vision weakness, or menstruation problems; because they all contain exactly the same ingredients in exactly the same amounts. Thanks for helping me find new Gordons scams to expose. I didnt know about most of these.

I wouldnt actually recommend you put anything from this um company (which is not registered in New Zealand; the authorities have not heard of them AND have issued warnings against them) in your body or in the body of a sick person, but apparently there was some placebo effect or maybe the pills coincided with a slight remission. This happens sometimes.

I wish you the best 




I was diagnosed with iritis/uveitis over 2 years ago. After the docs told me there was nothing they could do apart from treat the symptoms with corteson... I looked all over the net for some alternatives... I stumbled upon this site, which looked pretty professional and it advertised a product said to be able to help with my condition. I ordered the product. I ordered 2 containers to be exact, each containing 90 capsules. Needless to say they didnt help. And i stopped after going through 90 x 1 capsule a day.... Now after finding the second container again, I had a closer look at the ingredients, one of which is mercuric sulphide.... Reading this my alarms went off! Can anyone tell me if the actuall listed ingredients are actually in this product??? As I know mercuric sulphide to be highly toxic !! :S

One Sick Mother

Hi Benni,

I dont know if the product actually contains the listed products or something completely different. There has never been an analysis done that I am aware. Either way, I would never advise anyone to take it. If it does contain the listed ingredients it is -as you say- highly toxic. If it DOESNT contain the listed ingredients,  It could well contain other poisons.

You may want to get to a doctor and have your mercury levels checked, if possible.


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