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October 30, 2009


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Very smart--I get these cure recommendations all the time for arthritis, which is why I clam up now if someone asks for info--people *want* to think it's my fault and that they couldn't have it because they'd do all the right things. In terms of cancer remedies, Harvard does say that marijuana can reduce tumors by 50%, but that's different from saying cure. One cancer remedy is oleander, which is deadly! There's no way it's safe even at low levels--only someone might survive but still have organ damage. I have been on a forum where a lot of people believe things like this and were very firm about it.

One Sick Mother


I get a bit of that attitude too, I have had some negative feedback (not much, in fairness) from people who wanted to believe the scams were real and who blamed the messenger. More often I get the quietly desperate ones: "are you *sure* they won't work? None of them?" ...and I feel very sad.

I do believe there is probably some merit to some of the remedies out there. But without proper testing and studies, we cannot know for sure what really IS that merit, and if it outweighs any side-effects and potential risks.

Oleander? (oh dear!) How is that different from chemo? Apart from the not being studied and not administered by qualified healthcare professionals who could save you if things went horribly wrong? Aren't some chemo drugs highly toxic too?

wow.. The more I dig into this stuff the more madness I find.

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