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October 07, 2009


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Fuck, look at all those poor teddies that were sacrificed...someone call Peta to chuck red paint on her;)


"Uh wait a minute, attacker, while I rummage for a few minutes in my purse for my lipstick and uncap it." My husband uncapped a lipstick when he was doing roadside cleanup with Scouts (a service project)--it was a small vibrator!

My pets died, too. My husband's parakeet 'flew away'--i.e., got eaten by their vicious Lhasa Apso when the parakeet opened her cage one last time.

Very funny, thank you. I want one of those keychains.

Stephen Deal

I thought my new wheelchair was cool. Now I want that one.

One Sick Mother

Thinking about it, I wonder if that is kind-of the point. If it takes that many teddies to make a jacket, how many real animals does it take to make a real fur jacket? I will have to look it up again. I just grabbed the image without looking at the backstory.


Lol yes. "attacker, I want to look my best for this".

We got our keychain in the toy section of Target, BTW.

Yes. I could just see you going to the chippie in that baby. "extra vinegar, please ...or else"

..and you will need lots more tins of beans.


One Sick Mother


checked out the jacket. It is nothing so clever. Just an attention-getter from some pretentious Ortist called Sebastian Errazuriz




Real pity; it would make a phenom ad campaign.

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