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October 13, 2009


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Hope you're feeling better soon with the back issues and everything else that's going on with you. Personally I get a thrill when people look for info on Louise Hay or The Secret and some specific health issue and end up at my site.

One Sick Mother


Thanks, I hope you are doing OK, too with all that is going on.

You know I don't mind most of the hits. I would rather someone researching "hysmeton" would come here and get the real story than get to the Gordon's site and pay money to get ripped off.

I do get some weird hits that creep me out like "contortionist porn" or "mother porn" (ugh) because I think I wrote the word "porn" a few times. I also get "how to hurt yourself" and various variations thereof a lot because I once wrote a (serious) post with that title, which creeps me out.

funnily enough, the search hits about David Carridine, Michael Hutchence and "Stephen Milligan orange" don't bother me at all. Probably because that post was about lurid stuff anyway.


Diane J Standiford

Just get well. All bloggers need to rest now and then/


I'm doing okay right now, really pretty well. I've had hits like that too--mostly people wanting to look at naked firemen in the shower (this weirdly specific hit occurs all the time)--because of my post about passing out in the shower and needing paramedics.

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