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November 09, 2009


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Good thing, keeping that bitch, Hope, at bay. There's always the details, the nasty little details, to be on the alert for. Still, for whoever does qualify for this study, how nice that it doesn't require participants to pay for the privilege of being guinea pigs.


Good luck, it is almost like moving forward, this dancing sideways. What is wrong with me when I am GLAD for my friends to get more medical tests - are there ever answers - yes, there must be! Okay, go for the answers, please find them, get better, leave here, the disability thing and go on and end up on the cover of newsweek or times or something (economist!, why not!).


I've heard that with epilepsy/seizures that certain foods can aggravate certain forms of it--something about needing a (non?) ketogenic diet? I'm wondering if that's why you feel better not eating too.

One Sick Mother


yes. This study looks more legitimate than the other one was. Better hospitals involved, too (without naming names)

Thanks. Yes it is strange how we are happy to have more tests. I'd be happy to be on the cover of Pet Weekly at this point. OK Maybe not...


I have tried the diet thing: Atkins for seizures, ketogenic, gluten free... -you name it- with varying (mostly negative) results.

I gradually realized that unless I understand the underlying mechanism of the fits, no diet is going to work, because I don't know ultimately *how* it works. You know?


Yes, I do. I've done GF for 6 months now and just recently had the worst psoriasis outbreak I've had. It's all so confusing.

One Sick Mother


I am sorry to hear that. I had high hopes for you and GF. Have you increased your intake of any food type since you changed to GF? I'm wondering is you increased something else to compensate, and that tipped you over the edge?

Or it could be a coincidence. Or something.

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