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November 18, 2009


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Virginia Bennett

Wonderful post!!

Do you think the tree catching on fire in the yard contributed to Grace's fears of sleeping alone at night? And of course, joe's?

I love how you and Himself are not rigid about what you think the kids need and not trying to make them "cowboy up." Giving them lots of portable lighting, awesome! And yes, those little lessons of admitting that you are not as brave as you thought you were, those are important to the nth degree!! We all need our Daddy's and mommies all the days of our lives, in a literal and spiritual sense!

God bless you!


Just found your blog from a LSG post.

How can I explain to an eleven-year-old that knowing your needs and limitations is not weakness, but is a different kind of power?

I can so identify with this as a parent & you're right, it's huge. We've struggled with noticing, identifying and expressing current state of feeling/being verbally with my youngest son who is in the bipolar/mood disorder spectrum. It's a very adult skill - hell my 76 yo boss has yet to master it! But it's so especially important for our kids in dealing with the rest of the world in ways that make dealing with that world easier for them, rather than failure waiting to happen. It's not only huge, it puts him ahead of his peers in many ways.

I look forward to reading your blog in the future. As far as the power outages - as someone in commercial real estate professionally, call the utility company, press for a supervisor or manager & explain that you have a minor child with a disability in the house and they need to resolve this issue. (You don't have to go into details, that statement alone means they are required to make it a priority.) It may take several phone calls, letters to the public utility commission, but it sounds like they haven't fixed all phases of the power supply from the transformer blowing & they haven't dedicated the skilled resources necessary to completely diagnose & fix the problem.

One Sick Mother

I don't think so. She slept through the whole thing (They all did. even Himself!). I definitely think it was the Narnia books. We have her back to reality-based reading matter, and there hasn't been a problem since.

Thanks for the encouragement. Yes you are right, many adults have a hard time with this one. Hell, I don't think I got it until I was in my 30s and then only sporadically (I still think I'm invincible, sometimes).

Good idea about the utility company. I will probably give them a call, especially as there are old people and a newborn on the street too.

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