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December 28, 2009


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I loved the cat story. My favorite cat ever was an oversized, bad tempered, man eating domestic. Well, not exactly man eating. But it hated my ex-husband with a passion and was always sure to take a chunk of him if the opportunity presented itself.

I didn't even know there was surgery for ganglion cysts! I don't have one, but if I ever do, it will be thanks to you that I do the right thing instead of hitting it with a book.

One Sick Mother

I know what you mean. Im sure Whiskers is long dead, but there are some animals who live in your memory forever and he is one of them.  And Im a sucker for oversized cats, anyway. George, the tux whose picture is my avatar, is 22lbs of self-importance.

I lucked out in finding that surgeon, as I dont think surgery was the defacto recommendation at that time. In fact, I dont think it is now, either; but certainly for someone who has a long-standing issue, as I had, an evaluation is warranted. I expect that now there are probably new imaging techniques, too, so they can tell if the cyst is widespread within the joint; -but I dont know that for sure.

The book thing is definitely out. I cant remember exactly how the surgeon described it, but basically he said that smashing the cyst with a book causeed it to disperse within the joint, making several smaller cysts (or lobes -not sure) that joined to the main cyst, ultimately causing even more damage.
Nice to have gotten that particular gem of advice from a board-certified internist, eh?  It just reinforces the argument for a second opinion. 



I remember a very similar cat owned by my uncle. The cat was named Charmin but unlike the toilet paper was not squeezy or cuddly. He sunk his teeth into my wrist once too, and got me with his nails--lucky I didn't have more trouble from him, I guess. He was known to jump on another uncle's back from off a bookcase and my great grandmother had to watch carefully when she was pinning laundry on the clothesline.

My cousin had pretty bad ganglion cysts growing up--I didn't know that surgery was the best/inevitable remedy, only that not much could be done.


Intersting story..I found your blog because of trying to research my own polydipsia and may return to post there but found your cyst story...well..there are other ways doctors can screw up besides suggesting the wrong treatment for ganglionic mis-diagnore something else as a g.c.!

My own story started when I was washing the dishes by hand and a glass split open while I had my hand inside..years later pain while operating the faucet to rotate it...told it was a ganglionic cyst...luckily not told to smash it bu told not to worry about those kinds of minor things...they even took an Xray...and told me it was a g.c.

Some time later,maybe a year or two, it was worse and I came in again.."did you have an x-ray done?" I said I wasn't know how so many doctors are when they screw up: they try to make a joke about *your* having done something wrong (you meaning, the patient) so they came back in and said, I have some bad news, you have Alzheimer's and then explained they were joking but I had indeed had an Xray previously..but they had MISREAD the Xray and it was not a cyst but a pice of glass in side.. (I can't remember today, whether they discovered this upon finding the old xray or whether they first took a second xray)..long story short, surgery did the trick.

Another long story is that it took a half year of threatening letters from the insurance before they paid for it was about $750 and the first letter was "it's all your responsibility, the entire $750 but we are processing it and looking into your claim" then a month or two later, "We have decided we are covering this $250 portion..and are looking into whether we will pay for the rest..but until then remember the entire rest, the $500 is your responsibility"and a third letter and fourth (if not more) before finally paying the entire amount, which for my income at the time as a graduate student in the 1990s was a lot of money. Yup, our health insurance system suck even worse than both alternative medicine and conventional medicines inability to find root causes of problems so much of the time. I'm equally skeptical of alternative medicine scams, though I must say I have found many alt. medicine things that do work.

By the way how did you find out that the site owner is also the owner of all four products s/he recommends?

Ok, all for now, thanks for your blog and thanks for the opportunity to 'bitch' about some past adventures of our own, for us readers of your blog :-)

James Kildare

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Ha!!! I have a recurring ganglion cyst. It comes and goes. Getting worse since I broke my wrist last summer. Apparently I may have an ulnar nerve issue now as to how it healed. My pcp laughed it up about teh family bible "cure." Oh, and yes, I was bitten by a cat (ex boyfriend's satanic creature in the mid '90's). Thank ye Gods it was all my non dominant hand.

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