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December 18, 2009


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Hand-eeze. They are spandex fingerless gloves that compress the hand, providing some support and relief. You find them at sewing/craft stores. If you could find the fabric, you could make your own for a lot less than the $14 or so that each one costs, but they are so much easier to use and re-use than elastic bandage you should buy them even though you know you are being ripped off. Also, regular carpal tunnel-type braces to direct the pressure of carrying something off the hand and onto the arm.

I generally go through phases where one part of my body just keeps being contrary until it finally settles back into an approximation of how that bone is supposed to sit. And then the next joint takes its turn. Is that how it is with you, too?

Heh. Walmart. Everything about Walmart screams "Don't engage anyone else for any reason. Just get the hell out."


I have trouble between the bottom phalanx and the metacarpals on both fingers and thumb and the equivalent with my feet and I get arthritis inflammation at that point too. Except for the SIs, which fit together like lego blocks, I don't dislocate sharply like that since I was a kid--things seem to gradually slip out of place. Oh, except my ribs when I'm pregnant and a few other times. Can't breathe with a dislocated rib at all! I wish I knew how to stabilize things more.


I have more than two fingers--I wrote that strangely. I meant both my fingers and my thumbs slip out of place. It's late!


Hi there,

I have the same problem you are describing. I also have some "wayward fingers." Unfortunately, I my hands are way beyond being helped by any type of exercises and compression type gloves or braces only make my hands/wrists subluxate even more. I have hard stiff splints that I wear when I am out or have to lift something or doing something extraneous with my hands. They are custom made by my Hand Therapist. I hope you are able to find some sort of relief. I HIGHLY recommend seeing an Occupational Therapist or better yet a Hand Therapist. Take Care!

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