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January 12, 2010


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Bekki Budd

Pluperperfect tense... I think :)
Look up Virginia Woolf and The Waves... I think that it is in keeping with that... and it is beautiful... originally from Joyce you know... so WE own it anyways hahaha...
Much love

Bekki Budd

Have read last sentence... think my hahaha might be a little pre emptive... hope all is okay... or even okayish.. or at worst overcomeable... if that is a word.. but as ever Much love

One Sick Mother

Thanks Bekki.

You're the best!


I hadn't been too concerned with your whereabouts, what with the holidays and you having the kids home from school for a bit. But, oh dear, here something has happened, plus you are ill.

Thanks for taking the time to pop your head up. I will keep an eye out for you to share the rest of the story.


Hoping that all is well (keeping in mind that "well" is entirely relative, no pun intended) in your world by this time!

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