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February 07, 2010


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It's a good point about Dr. Murray. He was being paid, not to keep Jackson healthy, but to keep him performing.

And a good point about whether you can get your own doctor to act on advice given by other doctors. Goodness knows they like to make up their minds without reference to anyone outside of their own noggins, including the patient.


Yes, good point. In my case, I knew I couldn't change my regular physician's mind--but the response did make me immediately change doctors. That doctor was also amenable to me asking, "should we also exclude x blood disorder since my mom had it and I'm having problems?"

Concierge doctors--my last internist went to that. While he didn't drop anyone who still used insurance, it just occurred to me that's when the medical relationship went to hell (I was not a concierge patient).


Oddly my doc would listen to me if I suggested a test or referral. When I decided I needed to be checked for this condition called EDS that I read about on some blogs & then went & checked out on EDNF he listened. I told him I discovered a condition on the net & he agreed I had a HCTD & said he was sorry he had missed it & that he'd blown off the pain I was having.

One Sick Mother


At first I was all angry at Dr Murray, then I got to thinking that he was being paid to do a job, and probably under a lot of pressure. This is where the 'doctortute" thing falls down, because eventually it may come to a toss-up between medical ethics and one's liveihood. Especially if the doctortute has only one patient.

I really don't think AEG Live is fully blameless in all of this, either (nor was Jackson himself, likely).


Good point about changing doctors. That is (almost) always an option. Sorry your internist became a doctortute. It stinks how you were treated because of it.

You are right. Some doctors are secure enough not to be threatened by it. My primary guy is like that, as is the rheumy. Unfortunately, they don't know enough to write the referral!


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