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February 18, 2010


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Voltaren gel works on tendon pain? I wonder if it would work on tendon pain in the thigh. I suppose that might be too much to hope for.

I'm surprised your kids think it is gross to reduce joints at the table. That's generally when I find I most need help. Forks, plates, glasses, pans full of hot things--it's amazing the number of times I find that I both need someone to remove what I am holding and to coax my hand back into shape.


We have the shorthand EDS conversations my daughter and I. I understand so well all that you say regarding this injury, acute pain from a minor manouvere so common amongst us lot.

I went on an injury prevention course with my Occupational Therapist and she told me never ever to even brush my hair without thinking before 'how I was attempting the task'. It helps sometimes but hard to remember.

I think the problem is there to see when you write - 'I performed an action which I perform a hundred times a day......' injury is so common amongst us lot after performing everyday tasks that to non collagen challenged individuals is taken for granted.

Whatever the task was look try looking at the angle of your thumb, wrist etc. and see if you are out of alignment without realising it. The chances are because it is an action you do often you may be doing it in a very bendy way. I hope the injury and pain are relieved soon.

I so get what you mean when you say I have finally found an area that responds to Voltarol gel!!

I am the same eating is not as easy at it may seem - who would think that, elbows, wrists, fingers, shoulders, back, sacroiliac etc oh yes and jaw could be problematical just eating one's dinner!

Take care and I hope the pain abates soon.

One Sick Mother


I think the Voltaren worked on the wrist because the skin is thin there and the tendons are close to the surface, so the medication got to them.

I think the main problem with Voltaren not working in other areas, (and this is just a gut feeling) is that it doesnt penetrate very deeply, so if the pain is in the joint, or any deeper than a few mm down, the medication just isnt getting to it.

Well, Grace had a point at the time: I had placed my hand  on the table right in front of her placemat, and had pulled my wrist completely out of joint (and it did look disgusting)  while the poor kid was trying to eat a chicken drumstick. 



That really sucks but I hope your other tendons don't rebel. I was thinking about you and it shows a real addiction that you ask not about 'can I snort cocaine' but 'can I knit' (obviously as important as any serious addiction). Glad you still can.


Is it permanent tendonitis or can it recover? One is bad other is very, very bad. I guess I am rooting for 'bad' (but the good 'bad' - oh, my head is spinning).


Just came across the blog, found it while searching for info on those herbal remedies which you showed were a scam. I am living with daily pain too, because of a totally voluntary Vasectomy. I hope you hand feels better.

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