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March 24, 2010


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How funny, I've been doing a lot of why am I keeping this crap lately as well. I moved about 6 weeks ago & it started while I was packing & I can not understand why I hold on to so much junk. When we first moved in we only had about 1/2 of our stuff & the house looked so nice, then we kept moving more & more in only to decide it looks like crap. I hope to take a trunk load to the Salvation Army each week til my house is presentable again.

Now I have just added another bid to hold more yarn & that I'm ok with as well.


Wow, that is such an interesting concept! I have several boxes (from several people) in my basement, that I've been meaning to give to Good Will for maybe a year, at least... hmmm...

One Sick Mother


I know a lot of what I do is throw stuff in boxes/ baskets/ bins and then tell myself I will "go through it later". And later never comes. That was one phrases that really resonated with me from the Hoarders shows. They ALL say "I need to go through that!". And it makes me shudder.

But I'm thinking I might teak the rules for yarn. Just like sock yarn doesn't count as stash. I am thinking that maybe yarn shouldn't count as square footage...


Very interesting OSM, thank you for your study. I am a frustrated hoarder that comes from a happy hoarder family. Whenever i try to declutter i have someone else saying i shouldn't get rid/have got rid of stuff, and also they try to find ways of filling my house up with junk too. Mother, when we go shopping, loves to say 'you should get that/you could use that' - not only loves to fill my house but spend my money too! I have so many boxes i need to sort out from when i moved house - 12 years ago!!!


As a hoarder, and daughter and granddaughter of hoarders, I HIGHLY recommend She is also great for those who are dealing with chronic health issues (and she is free!). I am really enjoying your posts.

One Sick Mother


I couldnt cope with Flylady. 

I know a lot of her stuff make a lot of sense, and it is definitely good for those of us with disabilities -particularly ADD. However I found the overall tone of the site to be very smug, smarmy and irritating. That was so offputting to me that I just couldnt bear to go there anymore or to open the e-mails.


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