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March 31, 2010


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I don't know. I'm kind of with Joe on this one. Even when the normies aren't awful, they are ignorant in ways that make our lives unnecessarily complicated. I mean, what sort of teacher looks at Joe's friend and doesn't see Joe? Doesn't see that Danny already has friends and doesn't need caretakers? I don't blame the girls. They are only doing what they are being taught. But this Mrs. P. needs some enlightening or she is going to be inculcating ablism into who knows how many decades of kids.

One Sick Mother

In fairness to Mrs P, I think wanted to mix the SpecEd and RegEd kids in the class a bit more (it's a mixed class). Both Joe and Danny are "SpecEd", and she probably didn't want them lumped together. I don't disagree with this. Joe and Danny were getting to be a unit to the point that people were calling Joe "Danny" and the other way around. (It doesn't help that they look broadly similar from a distance)

Also I suspect she saw the boys were a bit codependent and wanted them to spread their wings a little bit. I think her mistake was to NOT assign a similar buddy system for Joe (although I'm not sure how Joe would have responded to that idea!)

Middle school is a tricky business at the best of times...

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