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April 20, 2010


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This is a wonderful post. Well researched. It also really irritates me that so many people are anti-biomedicine. It has done so much for us!


Beautiful--all physicians can do is prescribe medicines that alleviate symptoms, sometimes while introducing new undesirable ones (though they can certainly extend life). I think a lot of people still expect a fix or a cure. With other spondylitis patients, I see this desperation, people wondering, "what else can I do?" The answer in many cases is not much more, but I don't see physicians willing to admit that.

The idea of a cure is used oppressively against people with disabilities--with autism (as with our children) or with physical disability. If only we'd stumble across and drink Noni Juice or say the Prayer of Jabez, we'd (hallelujah!!) vanquish our shortcomings and join the cult of magical thinkers. I have nothing against alternative medicine that works--or experimenting with more harmless therapies (massage, gluten free), which, like medicines, may help substantially alleviate symptoms but not cure the condition. I alway suspect a lot of the arthritis/MS cure-ees I hear about are actually in a remission, which I don't begrudge them one bit.


While I agree that Polio has not been "cured", I am definately not pro-pharma and do believe they can do more harm then good. I think that everyone needs to research and do their own homework when it comes to their own health. Medications, vaccines, tests, etc. need to be well thought out and not done so blindly. Doctors are not gods, they are humans in a white coat that actually got very little education in some subjects from a non-biased source, vaccines for example.
The ingrediants in vaccines are nasty and highly dangerous not to mention toxic. That's a good subject for anyone to read on and make an informed decision. It's amazing to me how many people blindly trust another human being just b/c they are an overcharged drug pusher.


Thankyou. As a survivor of polio it's interesting to discover that I have been cured.(must have missed it).
As a doctor practising nutritional medicine, and also a qualified herbalist I am always interested in alternative treatments, especially for chronic disorders.
The more I research the more cynical I become about big pharma, however, it is invariably alternative medicine that promises a cure.
The scams exposed on this blog, however, are totally bogus, probably toxic and possibly lethal.

David J. Bryden

I am curious about the misuse of language reported here.
The verb "to cure" means to restore an individual to health. It has no implications wider than that individual. So the commenter is incorrect when claiming that diseases are not "cured". The word they should use is "eradicated".


I've been especially twitchy lately on scam treatments for children. Parents are passing treatment suggestions like recipes. Parents are spending fortunes for unvalidated treatments and soliciting for donations via blogs to pay for said treatments.

Here's a post I did recently:

Good post. Thank you.

healthy lifestyle

there are reasons why medical team cant invented the best cure for some diseases, it is because we never really know the causes why people experiences those conditions.

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