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June 12, 2010


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I've found it works really fast to post email/comments in their entirety as a separate post, as well as with the city/IP (however much of that you have), internet service/business, as well as the name of the emailer, and to state consequences if they continue to harass you (threatening to slap someone is not okay). You can always contact their internet service provider if they're abusing you.

When they produce peer-reviewed studies from legitimate sources or legitimate doctors, I'd listen. Except: your evidence is pretty condemning--some of the ingredients are really dangerous or just strange--that's why no legitimate doctor or entity would support them, unlike the safer alternative remedies that NIH and others have investigated.

Besides, their rhetoric is sloppy, and that's just a crime.

One Sick Mother

aaaaand the first comment was spam! (now deleted)

Great how the message sinks in ...not at all. Right? Hurray!

One Sick Mother


I would probably have done that, but I didn't want to perpetuate or legitimize the endorsement. Besides I didn't want to poke that particular crazy any more than I (inadvertently) already had. When it became obvious to me that that person was seriously unbalanced, I disengaged.


Yes, that's probably for the best--sometimes no amount of reason works.


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OSM, warrior princess! It is your blog, you are responsible for its content, and have every right to monitor it for commenters with destructive agendas. And, you are very wise to call out these "Trolls" and delete their efforts to undermine your mission.

You are not alone, other advocate/bloggers are having a similar problem with paid troublemakers. Trying to be too fair gets you nowhere. You aren't playing by the same rules.

I would have to agree about the superhuman powers though, they've saved my ass many a time.

One Sick Mother

But Wynda,

You saved *my* ass right back!


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