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June 21, 2010


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I was livid when I read about this. While I hate the drug scammers, I just accept that they are out there & I hope that people won't fall for the scams. My mind is that people who do are usually, legally speaking, of sound mind so it's their choice. With this man it wasn't the case & it so upsets me. I am glad when word got out they gave a few bucks back, although I think they only did it to show in the press how "good" they are in the hopes more people will join & donate.

Bruce Collingwood

I have only just come across this tonight. It makes very entertaining and juicy reading but unfortunately most of it is so many other people who only heard 1 /3 of the story and believed it. And the most important 1/3 is the man himself. The truth is almost completely opposite from what is written above. For example just to get you thinking I have worked 2 days a week outside the church for many years so that I am not taking a full salary from the church as i dont want to be a financial burden. I did this of my own free choice. After 10 years in a school hall we finally leased the building you are talking about only about 9 months ago there is no way we can afford to buy a building like that. Our church works very well with all sorts of people but also many of the poor and marginalized and with some people that many of you arm chair critics wouldnt go near ie people who have come out of prison and people with disabilities. There are so many other things I could refute but wont here.

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