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August 09, 2010


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OMG that is gorgeous. It makes me itch to knit something.

Tilling Mama

You made my day today. I, too, had kids with sensory and auto immune issues and struggled to figure out what was going on while my body was falling apart at the same time. As my blood pressure was dropping and my fatigue increasing, my dog was diagnosed with Addison's disease. If we didn't have sick pets, we might almost seem normal!

Just wanted you to know that although I can only imagine what your life is like, I think we might be sisters in this journey.

Sick pets. What kind of crazy lady has sick kids, a sick body AND sick pets? Ones with big hearts. >3


Holy crap, that bedspread is gorgeous! And I fully support a change for the knittier, if you are going to continue to make such beautiful things ^_^


How did you manage to knit such a huge item during the summer? I'd have thought a person would faint from the heat of having that much wool in the lap.

I am thrilled you were able to have seizure at last where it could be monitored. My daughter also finally had a seizure in front of her neurologist, though it was totally not provoked, just law of averages finally catching up. I hope your scans bring about some reliable treatment. At least there's the confirmation on the hazards of sugar already, as if you didn't know that one.


That is beautiful--it's not just a cable knit, but interwoven hearts! Have also been doing some knitting myself as my shoulder permits. We'll probably both blog a little more when school's back in.

Barbara! Definitely divine not devilish!

Hope to read a happy update from you soon.

Betsy Payne

You're knitting! That makes my heart sing. The spread is gorgeous! Now, do your hands a favor and knit something lighter weight like lace.


Where did you learn to knit,please don't tell me you taught yourself, I went back to classes last year and can still only manage plain and purl any thing else my brain can't keep up I have to rewrite the pattern as a per row pattern instead of follow for next 16 rows if you know what I mean. Its beautiful what you made I'd love love to be able to produce similar work, fair play to yah.

Lilly Walcott

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Seriously love that bed spread, Simply stunning!!!


One Sick Mother


Thank you for the kind words.



Well I may be 6 months or more behind, but that is one beautiful piece! Absolutely fabulous!

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Heavenly poo, that comforter is stunning! Notwithstanding I completely underpin a update for the knittier, provided that you are determined to carry on to make such grand things.

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