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November 17, 2010


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He's reaching that age. When my brothers were teenagers they hoovered food. A table filled with food would be emptied in minutes, (learned not to be late or I'd get peanut butter!).

Kinda takes the joy out of spending hours preparing something special, when it's shoveled down too fast to taste.

Picky eaters

This was great and simple article to make our child to come out of picky eaters(spammy link removed by OSM). Thanks for the article and it sounds great for me. Keep on sharing more stuffs.

One Sick Mother

Dear picky eaters. 

I will continue to share my stuffs, but you dont get to post irrelevant spammy links here without permission. I dont do that shit to you. Kindly show me the same respect.


Frank Elliott

I hope you would post some more. I absolutely enjoyed your post about the Church that spammed that disabled or retired man. I've become disabled over the past six years too. My big fights have been with my health insurer who recently learned that I would clear things up and get them resolved. I would learn a great deal from your writing on dishonest, spammy companies. You might check out my blog on living with chronic illness on I write there as FrankLivingFully (caps don't matter) It is definitely a good organization like CaringBridge. Here's my google profile link.

One Sick Mother

Thanks for the positive feedback.  I hope to get back into blogging soon.

Candes Youknowwho

LOL!! I love it! Cross hiking in Phoenix has the same effect on picky eaters. Suddenly, they don't care what you feed them, as long as it fits down their throats with minimal chewing effort.

Albert Cawley

Interesting blog and your comments are fair, thanks for teaching us more about the subject.

Albert Cawley

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