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January 01, 2012


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Candes King-Meisenheimer

I would love to do an extended diet eval on you someday. When I did one one me mum we found out that half the things the doctors told her she was allergic to was basically untrue. She has chemical imballance in her digestive tract that was allowing her to quite literally make black powder in her lower intestine. We removed all sources of added magnesium from her diet and suddenly she doesn't react to eggs or citric acid or... well, take you pick... anymore. Odd thing, small thing, easiy missed, but made a HUGE difference.

One Sick Mother


I'd be happy or you to take a crack at figuring out what ails me. Thirty-odd doctors have tried (failed) and I trust you more than most of them.



I saw you post about your syrinx. I have two that are idiopathic as well. How long have you had them? How are you? You're the first person I've ever found whose case is idiopathic. I don't know how to use this website or I wouldn't be commenting on a random post! Haha


My email is if you want to chat. I am sorry to hear you have this condition and I'd really like to hear what you've been through and compare information. Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

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