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January 09, 2012


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Just happened across this post and wanted to thank you for making me smile. The different levels of doggy communication are fascinating. Some of my time is spent with a pair of poodles who are so mentally different that you have to adjust your behaviour in order to get your point across. And Cassie in particular has relised that scratching a door gets relatively little done, whereas scratching a bare arm vigorously never fails.

As for people without communication - my father used to be an inspector of schools, and one time he came across a truly awful teacher who'd dismissed a kid as having no communication because, well, I guess because it was easier. My dad found a painstakingly written journal from this kid listing the dates when he'd learnt the things this teacher had tasked him with (learning to tell time, etc) and how angry he was. That struck me as perhaps one of the single scariest disability related stories I've ever heard.

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