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January 10, 2012


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Elizabeth McClung

I tried and tried for over a year to have intellegent dialogue with several hundred people opposed to gays. First, they usually meant guys because they were guys and to people who have this issue, 'betraying' being a guy was WAY more important than whatever women do (except wait around for guys). So lots of 'Satan in your diseased anus' logic. When Linda's brother told us that we could not be within so many feet of his 2 and 5 year old without a Christian parent present lest we...... (he would never answer what we would do if left alone). He and her sister, and my brother and others have said, "I don't mind working with them but...I don't know my children knowing that gays exist."

The real 'haters' are those who attack you, who get together and vandalize your car, or attack, or set fire to you. And knowing that they are out there, or the phone calls in the middle of the night with someone screaming 'You're going to HELL' before hanging up is what changes things. I don't mind going out in a city where there is a sniper now, because there is a sniper out for gays and lesbians and bisexuals and trans individuals every day (just read the annual FBI hate crime list).

I'm glad LeeAnn found someone and that they love each other and are happy. I decided to just leave the hate, the way those who didn't want to love unconditionally, but had these secret conditions to friendship or love left us (and LeeAnn).

One Sick Mother


I think the story about Linda's brother raises an interesting point. For many people, it may be a behaviour learned in childhood, from foolish and bigoted parents.

You know how a mom can pass a fear of (say) dogs onto her child? Same basic principle, with maybe a bit of conditioning and reinforcement thrown in for good measure.

I think it would depress me beyond reason to read that FBI list, but I probably should do it.



I don't have an answer for you. It boggles my mind. Even some (relatively) seemingly liberal and open minded people, like my inlaws, are just weird on issues involving gays and lesbians. We talked about same-sex marriage, and while they don't think heterosexual couples should have any legal/tax/etc benefits that same-sex couples don't also have, they still insisted that "marriage" should be reserved for heterosexual couples. When I questioned the separate-but-equal thing and reminded them how well (not!) that worked out with segregation based on race, well, that conversation didn't go so well. :)

I'm not surprised there isn't a DSM # for homophobia. I'm guessing there isn't a diagnosis for racism either. :-/

And oh, I also love quoting from Leviticus and asking homophobes why that one prohibition is still relevant when they're wearing clothes of mixed fibers and dyed red and a variety of other things! :) So happy to see someone else doing so!!

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