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January 06, 2012


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My dentist calls hot flashes "Personal Summers". I've been having personal summers all winter. Lovely to wake up in the middle of the night on fire and then be drenched and shivering.

As we've discussed, I have been wondering about a hormonal component to your mystery for a long time, very happy that you are getting new clues.

Hormone replacement therapy? From now on, annual mammograms, Sweetie.

One Sick Mother

Thanks Wynda.

Yes. Mammograms and bone density scans are annual events from now on. I have very insisty doctors on these matters. Not that I plan to argue.



This was very interesting. I did a PubMed search on {estrogen seizures} and found this abstract (along with 246 others):


I'm so pleased you are back.
You are correct - perimenopause. Hormone tests fluctuate for years before you are menopausal.
Also, see Dr Katharina Dalton' s early work on progesterone and epilepsy - HRT should have bioidentical progesterone, not progesterone.


Oops -typo. not progestogen

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