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December 18, 2012


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Bekki Budd

Excellent post Paula, spirited, intelligent and thoughtfully considered, thanks for this ♥


Perfect. Very well said.

mandi paine

very clever and honest the pictures say a 1000 words

One Sick Mother

Thank you guys for your kind words. I just wish some of this stuff could be made real. At the Federal level, mind

Elizabeth McClung

In the Uk, the ONE shooting done 20 years ago with a gun is still remembered by all. In Canada, the same with the Montreal Massacre and a few other. The first nation countries, only one has any desire to have citizens, including ones who drink to excess, or on medications like anti-depressants (which can induce suicidal thoughts), and the hundreds of other reasons which make citizens who don't need to hunt to eat but have guns a bad idea.

When various newspapers and individuals said the problem with the Aurora Cinema shooting (Where most of the items were ordered online) was that the cinema had a 'no guns' picture up along with 'no smoking' for watching a show. On the basis that knowing the people around you all had firearms under the popcorn would always stop bad things happening. Firearm injuries range in the 60,000-80,000 a year, with homicides adding another 15,000. Suicide by gun is half of all gun deaths and injuries - and there are over 300,000,000 private guns in the USA. It seems too much - that 'right to bear arms' is now limiting 'life, liberty and pursuit of happiness'

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