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December 28, 2012


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I always enjoy the concept that naturally derived compounds CONTAIN NO CHEMICALS. The people who make this claim were clearly paying no attention at all in chemistry classes.


Thanks for staying with us on this - I really appreciate your work as I try and educate students about critiquing websites - they just cant see through the scams the way you do.


But me and my friend used their products and had no issues using them. May be they dont have a proper office or something. We were quite satisfied with the results and everything.


I guess they need to provide the company name as well as a valid address but I had to get my claim because the med I ordered didnt suit me. I sent them an email and I got a call from an unknown number. The person was quite polite and I got my refund but in about one and a half month. I had to follow up properly and they gave me a number too which I will provide here as soon as I find it.


Oh so sad! Why do people have to do this? Is it the easy way to make money? I should try that too :P


I remember my granny telling me about these herbal products she used to tell me if they wont help you heal they wont do you any harm so thats what I have in mind everytime I order herbal products and the ingredients that have been mentioned are quite harmless. yes it could have been a major cause of concern if the ingredients were some sorta chemicals aahhh!!I ordered their product few weeks back I did see results so I think they are not scam and even if they are who cares. The ingredients atleast cant do you any harm because they are natural


I just checked this website. havent seen any such issues in the website :s they do have an address also :S


Ohhh these scams :(

One Sick Mother

Six comments within two hours, all from the same IP address (Yes. Typepad tells you the IP for each poster).

If there was doubt before that this was a scam, there is no doubt now.



U rock bro. Seriously. Thanks for saving me 109 buxs. Lol

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