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My sweet SmallDaughter is a chronic escaper. We have been HUGELY blessed by having the WonderDog in our lives--a fully trained Autism Assistance Dog (he is a legal service dog, with full public access rights--anyplace she can go, he can go) WITH TETHERING (she is tethered to him, and he keeps her from escaping). 4 Paws for Ability has literally been a life (and sanity!) saver for us. I hate to think about what life was like for us in the "bad old days" before he came into our lives.


Wow. That is some GREAT information. I especially like the bright colours and the hair ideas. My son is 8 and he's usually good about sticking with me (at least within shouting distance) UNTIL we get somewhere "fun". So it's the classic nightmare because he always takes off in the Exact place you'd Never find him. Canada's Wonderland, Ontario Place, the Science Centre (seven winding stories about a city block around). He went up a waterslide last summer and managed not to come down! It took us 15 minutes to find him (us being me and about 12 water park employees with walkie talkies).

I had a wrist tether that was meant for young toddlers. He actually liked it because it relieved him of having to worry about getting in trouble. I loved it because I was able to show him concretely how far away was "stay close to me".

Great blog, just found it, excellent!

John Parks

Great Article, my 5 year old nephew can dissappear unbelievably fast, even with 4 to 6 adult relatives around. We always assign one adult to keep track of him, which is usually me. I have learned even at a playground that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, fortunately it is easy to spot his bright red hair. Thank you for your excellent website.

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