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Belden Seguin

Howdy. First of all I would like to comment on your writing skills. Simply marvelous! You should be a well know author! I basically wanted to thank you for revealing the herbal scam from New Zeland. I probably would have purchased some of that stuff for my daughter. She has narcolepsy w/cataplexy. Last week she was suicidal and I am now wondering if her medication may have contributed to it. This disease has changed her a great deal. She used to be outgoing and vibrant. Now she is, more or less, a recluse. Losing most of her friends. Her cataplexy events, although she seems to have learned how to control them to an extent, keeps her hidden. It seems like a downward spiral for her. Where is the bottom? Thank you so much for your candor and humor. I can tell I will become a big fan of yours! Sincerely, Belden

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